HeadStart - Williamsburg, James City County & York County

Education & Mentoring

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Head Start’s educational goal is to provide a nurturing, learning environment where children can learn the skills that will enable them to begin public school classes on an equal footing with their more advantaged classmates. Head start teaches children problem solving and life skills while building pride and self-confidence. The program supports each child’s emotional, physical, cognitive and mental development. Services for families include education, nutrition, health, mental and dental health, social service, and parent involvement.


Volunteers are needed to work with children or adults on an individual basis promoting self-esteem and education activities. Volunteers may choose to share a talent with a group of adults or children (art, dance, music, science, etc.) on a one-time or regular basis. In addition, volunteers may work with families in the areas of health, literacy, mental health, etc. Foreign students are invited to share their cultures. Individualized help with disabled children is also needed. Volunteers need to fill out an application and receive training before going into the classroom. They have to have a love for children and enjoy interacting with them. There is no minimum requirement as far as hours per day or days per week.

Contact Information

Carol Justis

312 Waller Mill Road
Historic Triangle Bldg., Suite 400
Williamsburg, VA 23185