Gleaning Network of the Society of St. Andrew

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The Gleaning Network coordinates volunteers, growers, and distribution agencies to provide food for hungry people. Fields and orchards offered by growers are gleaned by volunteers from church and service groups. The salvaged produce is taken to local food banks and soup kitchens for the hungry. The Gleaning Network enables people to relieve hunger in their own communities.


Volunteers are needed to glean fields and orchards in the Williamsburg area and assist in the distribution of produce to local hunger relief agencies. Volunteers pick up ripen produce and put it into bags to take to the local food banks, pantries and other hunger relief agencies. Times can be set up for organizing a gleaning event on weekends. However, the events are set up quickly so sometimes a ready made list is good for last minute planning. There might be times when gleaning events will happen during the week.

Contact Information

Sarah Ramey
800.333.4597; 434.299.5949
434-299-5949 (fax)

3383 Sweet Hollow Rd.
Big Island, VA 24526