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Required Community Service

The Office of Community Engagement partners with the Dean of Students to assist students completing required community service.  We help students find community opportunities that will be fulfilling for them and connected to their areas of personal and academic interest.

The Process for Completing Required Community Service Hours
  • After you are assigned community service by the Dean of Students Office, contact [[rmtho2, Rich Thompson]] in the Office of Community Engagement to discuss your plans for service. 
  • Complete your service. Note the guidelines below for the kinds of service that are acceptable for fulfilling your requirement.
  • Contact [[rmtho2, Rich Thompson]] again to receive the link to your required post-service survey and arrange a post-service meeting.  Bring your completed Verification of Community Service form to that meeting.
Guidelines for Required Community Service
  • Your hours must comprise of direct service with a nonprofit or service organization.  Attending philanthropy and similar events does not meet this requirement nor does helping an individual unaffiliated with a service organization or event.
  • Volunteer hours you have already completed may count as long as they were completed after the hours were assigned by the College. 
  • Hours may be fulfilled through volunteer work with multiple organizations so long as each provides verification of the hours you completed. 

If you are uncertain where to find an appropriate service opportunity, search for options on W&M GivePulse, consider reviewing the Local Agency Directory which includes the contact information for and description of many service and nonprofit organizations in the area.  You may also add yourself to the Volunteer Listserv, a weekly listing of current volunteer opportunities.