Community Discussions & Dinner Dialogues

Community Discussion Series

The Office of Community Engagement invites members of the W&M and Williamsburg community to come together and discuss important issues in the work of community engagement and positive social change. Each discussion is facilitated by the Fellow for Local Engagement and features a guest speaker with experience on the discussion topic. These discussions are informal, engaging, and open to all.  

Fall 2018 Discussions
  • October 24, 12 pm
  • November 1, 12 pm
  • November 14, 12 pm  
Dinner Dialogues

The OCE hosts structured dinner dialogues, facilitated by the Fellow for Local Engagement, which invite participants to listen and engage with each other on topics of community importance while practicing controversy with civility. These dialogues are purposefully small and diverse, with no more than eight participants who represent different constituencies including students, faculty, staff, and community members. Participants utilize reflection, active listening, and dialogue across difference to explore the dialogue topic. 

Fall 2018

Future of Democracy - October 3 at 4:30pm
Democracy in America continues to change and there is an on-going conversation about what exactly democracy looks like in our country. Join a facilitated dialogue about the purpose and future of democracy.

Mental Health- October 10 at 4:30 pm

Mental health is increasingly recognized as important, but stigma around the topic persists. Join us as we discuss how we as a society evolve our awareness and social understanding of all that comes with mental health.

TBD - November 7 at 4:30 pm 

Join the Office of Community Engagement for a dinner dialogue.