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Volunteer Opportunities

Griffin School Partnerships provides a variety of opportunities for William & Mary students to support local schools.

Classroom Assistant

As a classroom assistant you'll support a teacher through weekly service during the school day. Activities vary based on the needs of the class and may include individual/small group academic support, preparation of materials, and other tasks as agreed upon between the teacher and student volunteer. Classroom assistants typically volunteer 1.5 - 2 hours each week.


As a Griffin After-school tutor, you'll volunteer one afternoon each week at a local middle school providing academic support and leading group activities. Tutors typically volunteer 2 - 3 hours each week. Griffin After-school also offers enrichment programs -- typically on W&M's campus three Saturdays each semester. In the fall, we offer College Day, an opportunity for middle school students and their families to learn more about the college experience. The spring semester culminates with Big Trip. In previous years, we've visited Washington, D.C. and areas throughout the Virginia Peninsula. Tutors are expected to help with at least one enrichment program each semester.

Griffin After-school seeks to foster strong relationships between students and tutors, enrich both W&M and middle school students through effective learning and empowerment, encourage a strong sense of self in tutors, and develop students' skills to be confident self-advocates, life-long learners, and active citizens in the community.


As a Griffin Mentor, you’ll meet weekly with a student for the full academic year, and your focus will be on developing a positive, supportive relationship with your mentee. Mentors typically volunteer 1 - 1.5 hours each week. School-based mentoring programs help young people experience a sense of belonging in school, become actively engaged in their schools and communities, develop strong academic motivation and success, and strengthen relationships with teachers, family members and peers. Mentors are required to commit to a full academic year with their mentees.

The Path to Leadership: Becoming a Team Lead

If you are interested in exploring leadership within GSP, becoming a team lead is a great place to start. The responsibilities for team leads on each volunteer shift are recording attendance, enforcing dress code, cultivating positive culture, maintaining effective communication channels, and providing feedback to GSP leadership. The team lead is required to be van certified because they are responsible for driving volunteers to and from their shift. Finally, team leads facilitate reflection sessions with their shift’s volunteers.

Participation Requirements

All members are expected to participate in weekly volunteering, initial and ongoing training, issue education, and reflection. Griffin After-school and Mentoring have additional requirements, as outlined below.

Consistent Weekly Attendance

Consistent, on-time weekly attendance is critical to our relationships with schools, students, and families. In the case of illness/family emergency, volunteers must inform their team leaders in advance. Classroom assistants must all inform their teachers prior to their expected volunteer time. 


All GSP volunteers participate in an initial training. This spring, training will be held on Sunday, September 22nd from 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Tidewater (Sadler). This initial training session will include separate time for Team Leaders as well as training specific to the role of the volunteer (After-school tutor, mentor, etc.).

Participants also engage in on-going training opportunities to build skills to bring to their volunteering ranging from accessing student motivation to supporting struggling readers or working with students with disabilities. All volunteers attend at least one additional training each semester. GSP Volunteers sign up for Training and Issue Education sessions at the beginning of each semester once topics are announced. Topics are chosen based on survey results from GSP members.


Issue Education

GSP values a commitment to education equity and provides opportunities for participants to develop their knowledge of social justice issues in education. 92% of 2016-17 participants reported that they deepened their commitment to education equity through participation in OCE's school-based education programs. Issue education events tap into the experience and expertise of William and Mary School Of Education Faculty as well as teachers and administrators of our partner WJCC schools. Formats include panels and talks to help volunteers gain a deeper understanding of the context of our community engagement .

GSP members attend at least one issue education session each semester. Past topics have included school discipline disparities and school re-segregation.


Community engagement is most meaningful when it is paired with education on the social issue being addressed and critical reflection. Participants gather twice each semester for reflection facilitated by team leaders. Team leaders are responsible for scheduling and facilitating these sessions.

GSP After-school Only: Enrichment Programs

Get excited! Our second semester of enrichment programming is on its way! Griffin After-school tutors commit to helping with at least one enrichment program each semester. Griffin After-school tutors volunteer from about 10am to 3pm for Saturday Enrichment programs.

Fall 2019 Enrichment Programs

  • Saturday, October 19th
  • Saturday, November 2nd
  • Saturday, November 23rd
GSP Mentoring Only: Year Commitment

Griffin Mentors make a full academic year commitment to their mentees and are expected to structure their second semester course schedules around their mentor time.

To Apply

Applications to join GSP are available within the first weeks of the fall semester and the last weeks of the fall semester for the spring semester, except for GSP Mentoring which only takes place in the fall semester, on the Griffin School Partnerships' TribeLink page. See below for further details regarding placement for each volunteer option below.

GSP Classroom Assistance

In the first weeks of each semester, applicants will be invited to sign up online for their school placement and time, after completing the initial GSP application. Contact the Communications & Logistics and Recruitment & Events Coordinators with questions regarding scheduling. Work in schools will begin shortly after all placements are confirmed.

GSP After-school

In the first weeks of each semester, applicants will be invited to sign up online their school placement and time. Contact the Communications & Logistics and Recruitment & Events Coordinators with questions regarding scheduling. In order to equitably spread out GSP volunteers across program sites, GSP School Coordinators might reach out to applicants to re-order some assignments, if needed. Work in schools will begin shortly after all placements are confirmed.

GSP Mentoring

In the first weeks of the Fall semester, the School Coordinators for Mentoring will contact those applicants that they believe might be good candidates for the program and arrange interviews. Selected mentors will subsequently be matched with a mentee with whom they will work for the entire course of the academic year.