Griffin School Partnerships Leadership

Griffin School Partnerships is led by a dedicated group of students with advising and support from Office of Community Engagement's Coordinator and Fellow for Education Programs.

The day-to-day work of GSP is carried out by School Coordinators who oversee programming at individual schools, communicate with school contacts, facilitate reflection, and support GSP members.

More broadly, GSP is led by a 9-member Executive Board. The Executive Board oversees and facilitates all aspects of GSP's operations. The membership of the leaderships is as follows:

  • School Coordinator Representatives: One representative from each of the three areas of work (Classroom Assistance, After-School, and Mentoring)
  • Communications & Logistics and Recruitment & Events Coordinators: This two-person team manages all internal and external communication as well as GSP member and leadership recruitment, volunteer scheduling, and campus-wide engagements.
  • Issue Education and Training Coordinators: This two-person team collaboratively plans and executes the GSP Kickoff Training that all new members must complete as well as the two types of supplementary programs that help members grow during their time in the organization.
  • Enrichment Programs Coordinators: This two-person team collaboratively plans and executes all programming that goes along with the GSP After-School Program, including enrichment programs, College Day, and Big Trip.

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