Support Branch Out Alternative Breaks

Help us make these experiences accessible to all students!

Thank you for your interest in supporting Branch Out Alternative Breaks at William & Mary! There are three ways you can contribute:
  • Donate to Branch Out's Endowment: Help build our long-term vitality through our endowment by contributing funds that will be used in perpetuity for financial aid, program support, and the future growth of Branch Out. Established in 2012 by generous alumni, our endowment will ensure availability of need-based financial aid in perpetuity. As it grows, it will also support other program needs, including reducing overall trip cost and supporting student leader training.
  • Give to Branch Out financial aid. Your gift will help provide immediate support for need-based financial aid and general programming for national, regional, and international participants. 
  • Support an individual Branch Out International team. All international teams work hard to raise funds to make their trips more affordable for all participants. Your gift will reduce the overall cost of the trip for each participant, providing supplies for the teams to use, donations to host communities, and travel expenses for team members. Please note that donations cannot be designated to support individual students; gifts must be evenly allocated among all team members due to IRS rules.

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