Apply to Be a Branch Out Site Leader

Lead a Branch Out Alternative Break!

About the Position

Site leaders make alternative breaks possible - they develop projects with community partners, build a strong, effective team, prepare their participants with knowledge and skills to use in the community, and guide reflection and critical thinking during the alternative break and as participants integrate the experience into their lives. Site leaders work in pairs, and build collective action with their team and those in their host community.

The experience is intensive, but immensely gratifying. Site leaders prepare for the experience through a required retreat and class facilitated by Branch Out’s Education Coordinators and staff. This class is currently in the process of being scheduled for the Fall Semester. Updates about the timing of the class will be posted shortly. Please keep in mind that this course is required for all site leaders, regardless of experience.

Position Requirements
  • Commitment to community engagement, Branch Out mission, vision, and values
  • Strong leadership, organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Interest and a willingness to learn about the social issue addressed by your alternative break
  • Interest in working with a co-leader in a collaborative style
  • Ability to make the required time commitment to the program, including mandatory retreat weekend, site leader training class, and Branch Out meetings and advising sessions
    • Effective leadership takes time and energy. Involvement in this program requires an on-going commitment throughout the year. We want your involvement in this program to be an enhancement to your well-being and not a contribution to unhealthy over-commitment. Please consider carefully if participating in this program is sustainable with your other priorities.
  • Commitment to substance-free policy throughout the alternative break experience


Plan for and co-lead group of students in an alternative break, during fall, winter, spring, or summer break.

Before the trip:
  • Attend mandatory Site Leader training class (throughout the Fall) and retreat in September
  • Become van safety training certified well in advance of your trip (all domestic trips)
  • Communicate with host site and lodging contacts before trip to plan quality issue education, direct service opportunities, and finalize logistics
  • Communicate regularly with and work with OCE staff, Branch Out Coordinators, and your team
  • Plan pre-trip team meetings, with group building, education, orientation, and training
    • At least one meeting for weekend trips, four for week-long domestic trips, and eight for international trips
  • Plan your trip budget
  • Assist with participant recruitment
During the trip:
  • Work with a co-leader to lead all service activities in coordination with community partner
  • Manage trip budget and finances, and follow financial procedures
  • Communicate with your team and build a group dynamic
  • Facilitate reflection and ongoing education activities daily
  • Manage travel, and for domestic trips, transport team to activities in 12-passenger van
  • Check in via text and/or phone call with coordinators or staff
After the trip:
  • Plan post-break reorientation, including meetings, activities, and advocacy for your team
  • Participate in Branch Out reorientation program
  • Attend post-trip advising meetings with Coordinators
  • Assist with recruiting participants to be Site Leaders

How to Apply

Applications are now open until March 27th. The application is available on Tribelink or you can find it here

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