Participate in an Alternative Break

Join a Branch Out Alternative Break team

Interested in getting involved? You can join one of our teams that travel during fall, winter, MLK weekend, spring, and summer breaks. Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply to participate in alternative breaks.

The process for joining is different for each trip; check out our Facebook page or email Grace Hymel ([[ghymel]]) with any questions you may have about getting involved.

Participant responsibilities include:
  • Before the trip: Participants are expected to attend all pre-trip meetings with their team and complete any assignments or tasks assigned by their site leaders. If teams are completing individual fundraising activities, participants are responsible for attending and participating in those events.
  • During the trip: Participants are expected to abide by all William & Mary and Branch Out policies, including our commitment to abstaining from alcohol and drug use during trips. Participants are also expected to take part in strong, direct service to the best of their ability. Additionally, along with their team, participants will engage in reflection.
  • After the trip: Participants will attend Branch Out’s reorientation dinner with their team. Participants who have received a financial aid award from Branch Out will also be responsible for completing a blog post about their trip.