Alternative Spring Breaks

We believe that learning about social justice in other communities across the United States can tell us something about how these issues play out in our own communities. 

The early decision lottery for alternative spring breaks will open on November 12th and will close on December 1st. Regular decision applications will open on January 16th and open on February 1st. The application can be found here.  

2019 Community Partners

Driving Alternative Breaks:

Northern Neck/Middlesex Free Health Clinic

Mission: The health-care home for low-income, under-insured residents in the Northern Neck and Middlesex County. We embrace health and wellness as the foundation for quality of life, and we dedicate ourselves to providing the highest level of health care to all those who ordinarily lack access to it within our community.
Site leaders: Leonor Taylor Grave and Lorissa Simpson
Social justice sphere: 
Access to healthcare

Lynchburg Grows

Mission: Lynchburg Grows is a seven-acre urban farm dedicated to providing access to fresh, local, produce for Lynchburg residents, restaurants, and organizations, while also providing onsite vocational training for disabled and low-income individuals.
Site leaders: Fahim Rahman and Emily Mudd
Social justice sphere: Sustainable food, Poverty, and Disability
Join the Lynchburg Grows alternative break if you're interested in food security, urban farming, or sustainable agriculture. Located in Lynchburg, VA, Lynchburg Grows provides vocational training and jobs for individuals, while directly addressing food security in the city by distributing thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables to designated food deserts. Travel with the Lynchburg Grows break to learn more about how this urban farm is changing lives!

Senior Connections

Mission: Empowering seniors to live with dignity and choice.
Site leaders: Maowei Tian and Macy Punzalan
Social justice sphere: Ageism and services for low-income seniors

Senior Connections is a Richmond-based non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and empowering senior citizens, particularly those at or below the poverty line. Participants will visit different "Friendship Cafes," communities for seniors to socialize and eat nutritional food, throughout the break. They will also be educated by Senior Connections on the issue of ageism, the prevalent social and medical problems faced by this age group, and how we can help bridge the generation gap.

Safe House of Hope

Mission: To help victims of sex trafficking become an active part of a healthy community through education and training, and to provide support for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of those victims.
Site leaders: Jacob McHale and Anna Rader
Social justice sphere: Human trafficking

Do you want to work first-hand with a group that provides support to survivors of human trafficking, while learning about human trafficking as a social justice issue? Our community partner, the Safe House of Hope in Baltimore, MD, strives to meet the needs of survivors and empower them as members of healthy communities. We will put a variety of skills to use in working with SHO Hope in addition to other local organizations dealing with issues intersectionally related to human trafficking. 

Innisfree Village

Mission: Innisfree Village, a voluntary community with adults with intellectual disabilities, is dedicated to providing a lifesharing home and work environment in an atmosphere of beauty, warmth, and respectfulness. All community members are valued, and all are encouraged to explore and contribute to a meaningful and challenging life.
Site leaders: Shivani Gutpa and Olivia Mooney
Social justice sphere: Intellectual Ability and Community

Flying Alternative Breaks

Habitat for Humanity of Laredo-Webb County

Mission: Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.
Site leaders: William Ryu and Benjamin Hotchner
Social justice sphere: Affordable housing and border issues
For the fifth consecutive year, GVP will travel to the border town of Laredo, Texas, to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Laredo-Webb County. Over the break, participants will work side-by-side with community members to build affordable housing for low-income families. For weeks leading up to departure, the team will deeply explore the root causes of housing inequality in the context of the community, history, and future of the US/Mexico border. Once in Texas, the team will continue to build on their cultural and social justice education through direct service work and meaningful conversations with the people of Laredo. 

SBP - Houston

Mission: While we can't prevent natural disasters, we believe we can prevent some of the suffering that comes with them. SBP shrinks time between disaster and recovery through five interventions: Rebuilding efficiently; Sharing our model with other organizations; Preparing home and business owners through resilience training; Advising municipal and state officials; and Advocating for policy changes and improvements to the disaster recovery industry.
Site leaders: Fathia Dawodu and Kendall King
Social justice sphere: Disaster Recovery 

SMART San Francisco

Mission: SMART is a comprehensive 8-year program that provides low-income students in San Francisco access to an exceptional education and the skills needed to thrive in college and in life.
Site leaders: Madeline Brown and Annamarie Webster
Social justice sphere: Equity in education, the opportunity gap


Our driving breaks cost $150, and our flying domestic breaks which cost $600 per participant. We are proud to be able to offer financial aid for all our trips. Please consult our financial aid page for more information about our policies.