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Alternative Fall Breaks

Fall 2021 Breaks

October 16-18, 2021

Rural Poverty: Rural Appalachian Improvement League

Mullens, WV

Alternative breakers will collaborate with the Rural Appalachian Improvement League (RAIL) in Mullens, WV to learn about and work to alleviate the root causes of poverty and community hardship in Mullens.

RAIL was founded by community volunteers to help build a new and sustainable social structure and economic base in the southern West Virginia coalfields. RAIL is a grassroots organization that believes the local people - especially the youth and young adults - must be directly involved in solving the social and economic problems that exist in the community. RAIL achieves its mission by improving education, fostering economic development, increasing community engagement, developing the community, developing environmental initiatives, and promoting the value of diversity.

Participants will learn about how RAIL fosters economic and community development and assist in doing so. Specifically, alternative breakers will help clean up a few parks in the area and potentially build a shelter.

Feed People, Fight Disease, Foster Hope: Moveable Feast

Virtual Break - All Online

Alternative breakers will collaborate with Moveable Feast, based in Baltimore, MD, in a virtual capacity to learn about how the organization fosters a community that cares for men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses.

The staff and volunteers of Moveable Feast value compassion in the pursuit of their responsibilities to the human community. They aspire to maintain the highest level of quality and integrity throughout their services and products and believe that all people deserve to live in an atmosphere of hope. Service will involve virtual fundraising and card-making.

Participants will engage in conversations around the history of people with HIV and chronic illnesses, as well as people experiencing food insecurity, and unlearn stigmatizing ideations about these populations. They will also learn about how racial equity is a salient issue in this social justice topic.