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Aim 4

Your pathway to active citizenship

Aim 4 is a civic leadership program for students to learn and practice the skills of engaging with their communities and creating positive social change. 

Aim 4 
  • Provides opportunities like meeting with civic leaders, taking civic engagement courses, and completing meaningful service projects
  • Develops community among small cohorts of students dedicated to positive social change 
  • Offers personal and purposeful advising to support an integrated experience at William & Mary 

"At the beginning of the year, I joined Aim 4 because I really enjoyed community service and wanted to help people. This is still true, but I have a more nuanced, advanced perspective now. I am developing the skills and resources needed to combat complex social issues." 

Aim 4 Class Years 
  • Freshman Year: Finding Roots supports students as they consider how they will develop their active citizenship at William & Mary. 
  • Sophomore Year: Digging Deeper pushes students to explore how they will deepen their understanding of community.
  • Upperclassmen: Taking Responsibility focuses on how students are responsible for change while at W&M and beyond.