Aim 4

An academic and experiential program cultivating active citizenship

Aim 4 is an active  citizenship development program in which students, grouped by class year, explore the frameworks and practice the skills of engaging with their communities. 

The Aim 4 program:
  • Cultivates the skills and perspectives of active citizenship,
  • Develops teams of students with whom to explore, gain expertise, and collaborate for change,
  • Provides personal and purposeful advising to support an integrated experience at William and Mary 

"At the beginning of the year, I joined Aim 4 because I really enjoyed community service and wanted to help people. This is still true, but I have a more nuanced, advanced perspective now. I am developing the skills and resources needed to combat complex social issues." - Aim 4 student

Aim 4 is adaptive. Each of the four program year experiences is focused on the needs of that year’s cohort and asks students to explore and answer a specific guiding question.   

Freshman Year: Finding Roots supports students as they consider how they will develop their active citizenship.

Sophomore Year: Digging Deeper pushes students to explore how they will deepen their understanding of community.

Junior Year: Taking Responsibility focuses on students understanding how they are responsible for change.

Senior Year: Carrying Forth develops students understanding of how they will carry their active citizenship into communities. 

Aim 4

Aim 4 is flexible and individualized. Students select their service partnerships and the social issues they study while receiving personalized support and advising from both the Assistant Director and Fellow for Local Engagement. Students may also apply into any year of the program and select to participate for one to four years based on their own development and time commitments.  

Aim 4 is your pathway to active citizenship. To learn more about the opportunities of each year, including programs and application process, visit Finding RootsDigging Deeper, and Taking Responsibility.