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Junior and Senior Year

What is your role in community change?

The upperclassmen experience of Aim 4 encourages students to take seriously their responsibility within communities and consider how they will carry them into their post-grad communities. Now that you are embedded in William & Mary and Williamsburg, how will you take an active role in positive community-driven social change? Aim 4  provides the opportunities and support to be part of effective collective action alongside your classmates. 

Aim 4 upperclassmen:
  • Join with other community-minded students in a network of support and growth
  • Explore how their skills and expertise can make an impact 
  • Identify and receive feedback on their community initiatives
  • Serve as mentors and advisors to underclassmen students
  • Develop skills and explore values transferable to life after college

"I have increasingly become more of an active citizen through the greater understanding of the issues of homelessness, people who experience it, and putting on a successful first edition of the homelessness and poverty awareness week, which was a mix of art, policy, expressions, and starting the conversation on the very important issue. I learned a lot myself as well got more people involved in the process." - Aim 4 student

Aim 4 service

Upperclassmen Experiences
Cultivation Sessions, Monthly

Share in the experience of active citizenship and reflect on your community experiences with other Aim 4 students.  Beyond personal skills and commitment, collective community change is a long-term and challenging process. Upperclassmen sessions focus on how we work together on community efforts through reflection sessions, discussions with community speakers, and other leadership opportunities. 

Community Action 

Each Aim 4 upperclassmen will identify one action they will take to better their community over the course of the year. That could be a service club you're already involved in wanting to address a social problem more complexly or a group of residents who want to fix a pothole--any sustained group effort to improve community.  Together students and staff will brainstorm and provide feedback on your work make that change. 

Community and Campus Events

Continue to engage with Williamsburg and William & Mary by showing up. Along with other Aim 4 students and the Fellow for Local Engagement you'll attend local community and civic events like a school board meeting, dinner dialogue, political debate, or group service day.  You'll also serve as role models for Aim 4 freshmen and support the sophmores' efforts.