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Sophomore Year: Digging Deeper

How will you deepen your understanding of community?

Aim 4 students in class

Do you want to dig deeper into their own active citizenship and community change? Whether you are already involved in community engagement experiences or are looking for a way to integrate more community into your life, Aim 4 will provide opportunities to find your next steps in active citizenship. 

Why Join Aim 4 your sophomore year?
  • Join with other community-minded students in a network of support and growth
  • Partner with community organization for focused work on a social issue
  • Connect with other colleges and universities through conferences and student exchanges
  • Develop skills and explore values transferable to life after college

"Instead of just seeing the problems that were within the community, I was able to actually help out and engage myself in order to help fix the issues at hand." -Aim 4 student 

Sophomore Year Experiences
EDUC 362: Community Engagement on Campus (Fall, One-Credit)

Together we will investigate the role of college students and higher education in community change. In what forms have college students engaged with the processes of community change? What are the opportunities and limitations of community engagement on college campuses? Each student will also participate in community engagement efforts as well. 

Community Engagement Experiences

Develop strong connections and greater outcomes by creating a sustained commitment to a community agency. Each second year student will serve with a community partner of their choosing. This sustained engagement will cultivate a deeper understanding of social issues as well as a strong set of transferable skills. Students are expected to complete at least 20 service hours each semester. 

Cultivation Sessions, Spring 2019

Learn about the process of social change and reflect on your community experiences with other Aim 4 students.  Beyond personal skills and commitment, community change is a long-term and complex process. 

Community and Campus Events

Dig deeper into Williamsburg and William & Mary by showing up. Along with other Aim 4 students and the Fellow for Local Engagement you'll attend local community and civic events like a school board meeting, dinner dialogue, political debate, or group service day.