Reorientation Grant Application Information

All grant proposals must be submitted via email to [[mcporter, Melody Porter]] in ONE Microsoft Word document, no longer than three pages excluding attachments, subject line: “Last Name, First Name, Branch Out ReOrientation Grant” and include the following pieces of information.  Please note that if you are applying for a grant as part of a group, your group should only submit one application. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis; the selection committee will respond to applications within four weeks.

Applicant Information

  • Name(s)
  • Current Year(s) in school (must be returning for the semester after your grant)
  • Campus Address(es)/CSU(s)
  • Phone(s)                                                                   
  • E-mail(s)
  • Banner ID number(s)
  • Project name and location
  • Requested amount of funding
  • Approximate dates of project and hours per week doing service 

A narrative description of the proposed project including:

  • Description of your partner agency (if applicable).
  • What will you do with your funds?
  • The amount of hours and time frame in which you will be working(e.g. three hours a week for the Fall semester)
  • How have you prepared for this project?  What do you know about the community, its assets and needs, and the social issue you’re addressing?  What skills will you contribute for this project? 
  • How does this project connect to your Branch Out alternative break experience?  How will it benefit you and the community?
  • If you are proposing a group project, how do you see yourselves as being more effective than you would be if you did the project alone?
  • What do you plan to take away from this experience?  How will this project further your development as an active citizen? How you will incorporate what you learn into your life back at William and Mary, academically and otherwise?
  • How will the community be different because of your project?
  • If your partner agency is religiously affiliated, explain what role religion will play in the service work you do.

A separate outline detailing your financial request.

  • Provide an itemized list of expenses, breaking down your budget as clearly as possible (e.g., $250 for gas: my commute is 20 miles one way, car gets 40 mpg at $2.50/gallon, 100 total trips), total amount of expenses and total amount requested.
  • Describe your financial situation.  What has caused you to apply for grant funding?
  • Describe what you will contribute to this project financially.
  • What other sources of funding are you pursuing (or have you received), including in-kind, e.g. free housing?  Please include William and Mary funding sources (including other W&M grants you are currently being considered for).

letter or email from the community partner with whom you'll be working, indicating their willingness to support and advise your work (not included in the three page maximum).