Funded Local Internships

In partnership with local community organizations, the Office of Community Engagement offers a small number of funded internships. Selected students interns receive a grant in recognition of their service. These funded internships are made possible through the generous support of William & Mary families through the Parents Fund and other private donors. Full details on student requirements can be found in the Funded Intern Student Expectation Guide (pdf). To be eligible for a funded internship, a student must be enrolled at W&M the following semester. 


Summer 2020 Internships

In light of COVID-19, funded internships are on hold until further notice. No internships will be offered this summer. 

Spring 2020 Internships
previous internship reflections
Community Health Outreach Internship with HEARTSafe Alliance

Make Williamsburg safer and healthier through social media and outreach campaigns. By creating public engagement materials for HEARTSafe Alliance, you will help more residents become CPR and AED training. You will design and execute weekly and monthly social media campaigns, create email campaigns, and as your schedule allows, assist at community training events. The internship also allows you to select other opportunities such as grant writing, training facilitation, and campaign management. 

Virginia Green Certification Internship with Williamsburg Farmers Market

Make the Williamsburg Farmers Market more environmentally friendly by measuring and reducing market plastic use and implementing other green measures. You will research and develop a plan for the market to become Virginia Green Certified by 2021 including partnerships with staff, vendors, and community partners. This is a great opportunity for community action research focused on sustainability in our local community.

Training and Publications Internship with Community Services Center

Create professional volunteer training programs and manuals for volunteers at the Community Services Center. You will develop written manuals, videos, and presentations to prepare volunteers to better serve the Greater Williamsburg community. This internship provides opportunities to use and refine your skills in research, publications, public presentations, and capacity building. 

Community Development Internship with James City County Planning

 Utilize data to create a more inclusive and informed comprehensive plan for James City County. You will research and review data on a range of planning topics including zoning, traffic, citizen engagement, land development and more. You will also tackle special projects including community oral histories and applying for Bike Friendly Community status. This internship is an opportunity to see and participate in government and public policy up-close. 

Previous Internships

Each intern completes three reflections throughout their experience, excerpts of which are provided below for our previously funded interns. 

Student reflections on internships
Botanical Garden Butterfly Festival Intern

What has stood out the most to me so far in my internship with the Williamsburg Botanical Garden is the passion of the people that I am working with. I am the highest paid person organizing the annual Butterfly Festival because everyone else is a volunteer. Most of the other people on the organizing team are retirees. Most are Master Gardeners or Master Naturalists and as such they bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the group. They are very passionate about native plants and getting the community involved with nature. A major asset is their professional experience. The last skill that I want to build on during my internship is my confidence working with more experienced adults as a peer and equal collaborator. Most of my life “adults” have been a separate group and it is hard to break that mentality and learn to act confidently and to value my opinions as equally valid. This group of organizers has been very welcoming and accepting of my suggestions so far. I believe that this adjustment will happen easily with a little time.

 Community Action Agency Outreach Intern

As the first half of my internship at the Williamsburg James City County Community Action Agency has come to an end, I have switched my focus from the completed task of developing the agency a new website to working with a documentary crew to interview and film employees and clientele of the agency. Eventually, the goal is to combine these interviews into a several minute long, informative video for potential donors. Through these interviews I have learned so much more about the WJCC CAA…I am now much more aware of the impact the agency has on the impoverished community in the greater Williamsburg area…I  hope to take the experiences I have had and use them to find a career path that is well suited for me. This goal will be achieved through reflection at the end of the internship and meeting with a career counselor. Another goal I hope to accomplish is having enough photography, video, and website experience to begin freelancing these services during my senior year at The College. Finally, I hope to have connected with the community and given back. I have called this town my home for the past three years, and I’d like to feel fully part of the community in this way.

 James City County Planning Intern

Through this internship I have learned an incredible amount about my community. The Planning division of James City County has a massive influence on the development of the built environment of the county that I think for most people goes completely unnoticed. Almost every new structure, road, or tree that any citizen wants to put on the ground must be thoroughly reviewed by the planners in this department. As a result, the regulations that inform the planners' decisions literally shape the way the county develops. These planners care very greatly about the community they serve and are always trying to help every citizen accomplish what they want to accomplish. One of the unexpected things I have been able to contribute to the Planning Division so far has been a fresh perspective on the topics they deal with routinely.

Bacon Street Youth Services Intern

It has been a blessing to be able to work with the other fellow interns and also my supervisor, Erin Ellis. She is a very understanding person who truly cares for her interns and always shows up with a smile on her face, truly inspiring me as a person and someone who wants to work in mental health in the future. I’ve learned so much already about Bacon Street Youth and Family Services. Our director is Kim Dellinger, who works passionately to serve the Williamsburg-James City County community. She is in charge of funding and directing clients to where they need to go for treatment if it is something too serious for counseling. Additionally, we have an events coordinator named Sarah-Daye and a receptionist named Susan. Everyone around me works tirelessly to suit the needs of clients and patients, which is exactly the type of environment I would want to work at in my future. Furthermore, the Rec ‘N – it – Out program that I am a part of is outside of Bacon Street. There, I get to mentor and supervise teens and elementary school students over the summer, something like a camp counselor.

James City County Energy Intern

I have been able to practice on digital technology since the basis of my entire internship is dealing with the platform used to track all energy of JCC, EnergyCap. I picked up how to use it relatively quickly, however, it has such incredible functionality and I doubt I would have the opportunity to use its capabilities to its full extent. Most of the work audit revolves around critical thinking. Looking at an excel spreadsheet and determining what is missing may be very challenging, but I see it as solving a puzzle. Being able to identify how much energy is missing and figuring out which variables are used to calculate which number is difficult without a proper methodology, however, once I am able to land at a proper answer it is very satisfying.

Newport News Green Foundation Volunteer Development Intern – Thomas Kanuch

What this has taught me about the community is that there is a huge group of people who genuinely want to help the environment. It is nice to see so many people come together to work towards a cause they believe it. I think if it were possible to make the organization larger then individuals would flock to it to volunteer. It definitely gives me hope for the future of Newport News and Williamsburg.  I am able to help with a project that should ultimately improve the quality and reach of the organization. If I were not assisting the organization, there would be no progress with the volunteer program, and I have no idea when they would have time to work on it without an intern. I like that I am able to help an organization with a task that will have a very positive impact in the future.

Jamestown Yorktown Foundation Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement Intern – John Quagliano

 The hope is, that in several years I will discover that my strategy has actually had a positive impact on their ability to recruit and retain volunteers. As I continue on, I will act in a way that helps me achieve my goals and the goals of the foundation. It truly does a great job of preserving the areas rich history and I am happy to have been a part of helping to do that.

Bacon Street Youth and Family Services Special Events and Marketing Intern – Sruthi Kodali

By working in a team of another intern, the director of marketing, and myself, I have been able to learn a lot about the importance of teamwork and collaboration. From this experience, I have learned to listen more to others’ ideas and see how I can strike a balance between my ideas and others…I learned that there are multiple ways to play the role of an active citizen, even if it is simply raising awareness about an issue that is deeply impacting the local community.

Heritage Humane Society Lunch Buddies Intern - Adrienne Thompson

For digital technology [professional competency], a lot of my job requires me to use my computer and a variety of programs and software. The other day I had to design a business card for my outreach program and this required me to find a program that would give me a template to work with. I took my design and digitized it so that volunteers can write down the name of the dog they’re walking and when strangers come up to say hi they can hand them a business card and encourage people to adopt. I have also been learning to use Adobe Illustrator so that I can continue to learn how to digitize my marketing materials.

Williamsburg Farmers Market Media and Interview Internship – Mbiye Kasonga

I think that I will be able to contribute greatly to the Williamsburg Farmers Market with my video and audio editing skills and my eye for a good story. Over the past two years at The College I have been working with William and Mary TV, a student run television station that creates television shows for students! Through this work, I have learned how to have an eye for storytelling and how to create videos with high production quality that convey important messages. I believe that I can bring those skills to the Williamsburg Farmers Market and help them tell their story of the growth they have experienced over the course of the sixteen years that they have been open for business. I want to help them further their mission of providing healthy regionally produced food to all economic levels of the Williamsburg community through my role as their media and interview intern. 

School Health Initiative Program Garden Internship - Sarah Mehaffey

 So far I have worked mainly in two particular gardens at two different schools. At the first one, I have been helping out with high schoolers who come out into the garden during class time, helping to direct and inform them on what they’re doing. At the second garden which is at an elementary school, I have helped to maintain the garden, as well as implement a project that I planned and executed with the help of one of the parent volunteers at the school. 

I have been developing planting plans for the gardens, and so I have had to do a lot of research on larger scale gardening than I have done before, trying to also incorporate sustainable practices into the plans I develop, synthesizing the information that I find into a coherent and workable plan for the specific garden, but a plan that could also be adapted into other spaces. I have learned a lot about gardening and continue to hone my critical thinking skills through analysis of research. 

Community Action Agency Head Start Human Services Intern - Adrienne Thompson

In my first week at Head Start, I have already learned so much. I will be working with three supervisors throughout my time here, the first being Ms. Justis. What has really stood out to me is that Ms. Justis connects everything I’m doing and working on to the larger picture; she explains how the small tasks I work on will contribute to the organization as a whole and how the skills I’m using could be used in my future career. The workers at Head Start know how to think on their feet and wear many hats as they often have to complete tasks that may not fall in their technical job description. A big strength of Head Start is how organized they are. As a federal organization they have a great deal of paperwork and files to keep track of, both paper and electronically. They have developed a very effective system of organization.

Olde Towne Medical and Dental Center Health Assessment Intern - Rahul Truter

The issue I was addressing focused on the oral health of pregnant patients and the potential link to pregnancy complications. A common issue I discovered is that patients had poor oral health habits even before pregnancy. These patients would rarely seek a dental professional unless something was severely wrong with their oral health or they were in great pain. This habit shed light on an overwhelming problem that the clinic deal with daily, patients attending the clinic only when there is a problem, not for routine check-ups....Working with the staff at the clinic has shown me how important patience is in the medical profession and the importance of working with a team. The internship itself has shown me their is plenty of ways to help out your local community, as long as you put in the effort to find those opportunities. I would never have known how in need Williamsburg public health clinics are adequate funding if it was not for this opportunity. As part of my path to becoming a physician, I hope to dedicate a certain amount of time to volunteer and fund-raise for safety-net clinics such as these. 

Guinea Heritage Association Community Museum Intern - Monica Soto

This internship has taught me so much. I have learned more about this organization’s determination from working with them than I could have ever understood from reading about their journey. They are not just community members who care about their local history; they are a coalition of various skills that not only help their own goals, but educate other members of the community. This organization has also showed me the true art of fundraising – or, in other words, how difficult it is to achieve. Many elements are required: the right people, the right words, and the right timing.And even when all those elements occur, sometimes the outcome was not what we expected – what we’d hoped. As heartbreaking as it was to witness, those in this organization got demoralized at times. But they never stopped. They showed me through their example how to work around setbacks, especially financial ones. We didn't’t receive funding for a bathroom? Too bad. Let’s get one of our own members in here, and cut the door ourselves. Can’t get an AC unit? Okay. We’ll gratefully take the one that a member of the community offered, and install it ourselves.This organization always kept their original goal in mind: to get this former general store back to what it was, and preserve it as a living museum. Everything that they have done has been in service of that goal, and I am truly honored that I got to be a part of it. Their community involvement pushed me to think of the ways I could be involved in my own community – and how the word “community” can embody so many others beyond those who live within its boundaries.
This internship experience has only solidified my career path. Working behind the scenes of a museum really opened my eyes to what a museum does. So much work goes into everything the audience sees. Mostly though, working this internship has made me realize what I want from my career – not just the right job, but the right people.

 Virginia Living Museum Volunteer Management Intern - Thomas Kanuch

My internship has led me to realize that being an active citizen is important to both the community’s and your own well-being. Being active in the community is not that hard, and even a little help can go a long way. I like to believe that by helping the museum I am helping children realize the importance of preserving the environment. Hopefully they will be a generation of children who go on to be engineers and scientist solving important environmental issues. But being an active citizen is also important for personal development. Now that I have worked for an organization that tries to better the community around them, instead of a fast food job or something similar, I feel like I am making a positive impact....This internship has reinforced my decision to go into non-profit management. I want to be able to combine my love of history with helping a local community. I have seen that museums can help their community in areas that are not necessarily related to the main subject of the museum. I would love to be able to take what I have seen at the Virginia Living Museum and apply them to a museum of my own, particularly one that deals with aviation or military history.

 VersAbility Resources Marketing and Development Intern - Mbiye Kasonga 

My experience at VersAbility resources thus far has been incredibly eye opening. I have learned a lot, both about the nature of marketing in a nonprofit setting and about my own strengths and weaknesses in a professional environment. I have definitely learned that being a marketer in a non-profit setting means really being a jack-of-all-trades. The marketers in the marketing department at VersAbility resources also act as the fundraisers, the event planners, the volunteers, and the sales women. It is really amazing to watch them do their work so efficiently while also juggling several other tasks. They definitely wear many hats! In addition to this, I have learned how to use Adobe Premiere, which is a really advanced video editing software that came in the software package that is on my work computer. This new skill is particularly exciting because video production and editing is one of my passions. It is really great to have knowledge of another video editing software. I have also learned how to create a communications plan for a nonprofit, as this is one of the first tasks that I was assigned at VersAbility. 

Williamsburg Faith in Action Volunteer Programming Intern - Mayzie Zechini

I am half way through my internship here at Faith in Action and honestly have a new lease on life. The perspective given to me from my tasks and interactions has developed me into a greater person with intercultural fluency, problem solving, and work ethic. My knowledge of the local, and even nation-wide, issues surrounding aging in this day in age is rapidly growing; this is exciting.  I have been interacting with Williamsburg seniors via the Faith in Action Internship and have really been enjoying myself when taking photos and documenting stories. I have been home in Richmond, Virginia for a couple of weekends and have noticed myself noticing senior citizenship and what that means.

Virginia Legacy Soccer Community Partnerships Site Intern - Madeline Brass

Throughout this semester, I would say what I am most proud of are the players. This season, I coached a third to fifth grade team at Blayton Elementary. We had such a diverse group of kids and seeing how they grew as players and individuals made me so proud. Not only am I proud of the kids, but I am also proud of how far I have come as a coach. Before this, I would have never been comfortable taking on an entire team alone. Now, I feel confident coaching a group of kids myself. I love when I work on something specific with the team and see them apply it in a game. I have enjoyed coaching so much, I asked if I could coach [another] team in the fall.This experience has made me realize how valuable a mentor is to kids and has made me decide to become a teacher.

 City of Williamsburg CARE Team Intern - Katrina McTigue

As one of my primary responsibilities throughout this internship was to create bilingual home visit lesson plans, I have learned a lot about effective communication and health education. From explaining how to contact area health clinics, to practicing proper asthma prevention techniques, a unique characteristic of all the education modules I helped develop is that they must be relevant to both parents and their children. 

 Williamsburg Farmers Market Power of Produce Intern - Gillian Giudice 

The POP intern created a new POP club passport, developed the program schedule, and designed promotional materials. 

Williamsburg Faith In Action Volunteer Programming Intern - Sarah Duska

I have learned a lot about the Williamsburg community because of this internship with Faith in Action. I struggled with focusing in on one project at first and I think this was due to my excitement to dive into everything. Once I figured out that there was not enough time to do a good job with every project I could think of, I settled on doing two projects well. A strength that I have noticed in myself, is that I am creative, or at least more creative than I thought I was. I like to think through problems from different perspectives and think critically and creatively about solutions.

Marketing Intern at Bacon Street Youth and Family Services - Samantha Kim 

I knew Williamsburg was a special place, but this internship has proved that time and time again. I have also noticed strengths in myself that I didn't know I had before. I have learned that no matter how under-qualified I feel, a good idea is a good idea. I have sat in on meetings with individuals who have such an impressive list of experience it almost makes me want to sit quietly and simply listen to what they have to say. And in the beginning, that's exactly what I did. I was nervous to say something that sounded childish, but eventually, I worked up the courage to present a suggestion at a fundraising meeting and it was very well-received. It wasn't that I was expecting to be shut down, but I had a mindset that my opinion was not as valued. I have grown in this aspect, to have more confidence in myself and my opinions. I definitely see this as a strength that has grown within me already during my short time at Bacon Street. 

Water Program Intern at Waller Mill Park - Kassandra Smith

Participating in this program has been exciting for me because it allows me to see how different groups, whether a school, a government agency, a competitive group, or a park, can all have similar goals and work together towards improving the community.  Seeing how these different groups interact has helped me to expand my understanding of how to work with people in the community to accomplish our goals, and I look forward to using this knowledge in my future career.

Marketing and Social Media Intern at The Arc of Greater Williamsburg - Jen Hartley 

Over the past ten weeks, I have been able to develop new skills and practice old ones, and I have gotten a better sense of what I may want my future career to look like. This summer has held many triumphs and successes for the whole team at The Arc of Greater Williamsburg, and I am especially proud of the way that I was able to help contribute to raising awareness about this Arc chapter. It was really one of my goals this summer to help community members understand what The Arc is all about through well-designed and consistent social media posts and advertisements for events. This goal was important to me because I believe that raising recognition of and awareness of an organization is one of the best things that you can do for it, since increased awareness leads to new clients taking advantage of the organization’s services and new donors deciding to support the cause. 

Power of Produce Intern at The Williamsburg Farmers Market - Nick Adjami 

Over the course of this summer, I have discovered in myself a confidence and leadership ability that until now has not been proven.  In past projects, I have always had some degree of leadership responsibilities; for example, I have led group projects with other students.  Last summer, as an arts camp counselor, I led children in creative activities and even developed programming as I am doing now.  However, in school and at camp I was working within a network of other counselors or students, who offered their support and worked toward my same goal...On Saturday mornings I alone am in charge of directing children and their parents through that day’s activities.  As a result, I feel a strong sense of ownership over and responsibility to the POP Club, making its success all the more rewarding.  This feeling also motivates me to plan for the future of the club, so as to ensure its continued success when I am no longer involved.

Multi-media Training Intern at Literacy for Life- Ashleigh Arrington

One thing I've really learned is how important literacy skills really are, and how much of a service Literacy for Life really provides to the community. Re-interpreting these training sessions have made me look at the facts of low-literacy all across the country, such as how many prison inmates are low-literate, and by increasing their functional literacy skills, they are much less likely to return to prison. Something seemingly so simple helps them so much. I feel like I knew these effects of low-literacy in a vague sense, but working with these numbers and integrating them into a cohesive training video made them so much more real. In that sense, I feel even more connected to the good work done at Literacy for Life in that I want to help them make a difference in this community. The importance of my project grew as I understood how important these training videos are to training tutors who can go out and do this important teaching. I am so happy and excited to get to help them continue this good work.