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Community Engagement Grants

The Office of Community Engagement awards Community Engagement Grants (CEGs) each year to support students' involvement in community engagement.  Grant-funded experiences develop students as active citizens and to support communities in achieving their own goals.

Current grant applications are posted to OCE's Applications page on GivePulse.

Description of summer, winter, and year-round grants
Summer and Winter Grants of up to $2,000

Students identify or design their own projects that are usually associated with a social service, not-for-profit or public agency and outline their activities in a proposal that the grant committee reviews. Individual students may request up to $2,000.

Each grant is intended to allow a student to engage in meaningful service work by defraying living expenses and other costs while performing unpaid service including:

  • Expenses for service projects (supplies, transportation, etc.)
  • Program fees for service programs
  • Living expenses

Preference is given to applications that indicate that grant funds will go directly to the community or to students' reasonable living expenses. Funded projects may occur in the United States or abroad, but special consideration is given to domestic proposals. It is rare that travel expenses will be covered by CEGs. 

The grants are intended to support individuals or small groups.  Applicants should note that the committee will take into account other funding sources available to applicants in their considerations.

For summer funding, we also encourage students to review The Career Center's Funding for Unpaid Summer Experiences (FUSE)

Year-Round Local Grants of up to $1,000

During the academic semester, students can apply for a community engagement grant ranging from $100-$1,000. These grants can be used for expenses related to student-led local community engagement programming on campus or in the local community such as: 

  • Direct sustained service
  • Partnering with a community agency to host a speaker or film screening which educates the community on an important social issue
  • Executing an alumni service program
  • Creating a program or event which connects your academic experience to a community identified need
  • Creating and publishing education or outreach material for a local non-profit

As with Winter and Summer CEGs, the projects must focus on community impact as well as positive impact on the student's development as an active citizen.  

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed monthly.  Please review the CEG criteria page for more details.

Funding Impact 

Community Engagement Grants are made possible through the generosity of The William & Mary Parents Fund, The Pulley Family Public Service Fellowship Endowment, and The Monteverde-Jackson Endowment.

Each grant recipient submits reflections and impact reports on their project, including sharing their biggest lesson from the funded-experience. Here are a few reflections from our grantees:

My experience with Campus Kitchens was my first leadership volunteer position here at William and Mary. This experience made me feel more comfortable in the community I now call home and better able to contribute to this community.

The best kinds of cross-cultural exchanges happen when you you share something you care about deeply with others who also care about it deeply.

My biggest take away is that sustainable change begins at a grassroots level and must be driven by residents who are invested in the projects they pursue.

My time in Uganda taught me to better understand that communities are diverse all across the world. Looking at each place and person in their own context allows us to better help one another.