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Community Engagement Grant Reflections

Recipients of Winter and Summer Community Engagement Grants must submit three 600 word reflections on their funded experience. Year Round Community Engagement Grant recipients must submit the final reflection. Excerpts of these reflections may be published on the OCE website. 

Recipients should submit their reflections using this online form.

First Reflection: Submit within the first two days of your project

Answer these questions in 600 words or more.

  • What has stood about your community partner or community so far? Has your experience lined up with what you learned before you began the project?
  • What are three personal goals and three project goals you have for the experience? How did you come up with those?

Mid-Project Reflection: Submit at the mid-point of your project

Answer these questions in 600 words or more.

  • What have you learned about your community partner and the community? How does your project build on their strengths and meet their needs?
  • What have you learned about the social issue(s) your partner organization addresses? How does that issue manifest in the community?
  •  What progress have you made on your goals? What skills or strengths have you utilized? 

Final Reflection: Submit within two weeks of completing your project

Answer these questions in 600 words or more and submit your final takeaway.

  • What have you accomplished for the community through your work? What aspect of your project are you most proud of?
  • Describe a community member or partner you worked with? How have you learned from their different experience and perspective? How have you worked together?
  • What are three things you will share with others when you return to campus and they ask you about your experience?
  • How have you grown as an active citizen through this project?