Application Specifications

Here's what you need to do to apply

Please be sure to read all grant criteria before applying.  Applications that do not meet the criteria will not be considered for funding.

Applicants for a community engagement grant must provide the following information. View the online application for the full list of required information.

Applicant Information: name, 93#, and email

Project Information: location, dates of service and approximate hours of service, overview of project including student preparation, intended impact, and learning impact on student

Community Partner Information: description of partner organization, letter from partner organization confirming their support of the project, and information about religious affiliation, if applicable

Financial Request: total grant funding requested, itemized list of all expenses, reasons for applying for the grant and personal contributions to project, and other sources of funding

International Travel Information, if applicable: location and travel dates, in-country emergency number, international cell number, transportation contact, in-country local police and embassy contact, and address of nearest hospital

Community Engagement Grant Online Application


  • Winter 2019 Community Grant Applications are due by 5pm October 23
  • Summer 2020 Community Engagement Grant applications are due by 5pm March 25. 
  • Year Round Community Engagement Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed monthly.  

Individual vs. Group Applications: If the grant funding will be applied to a project to be completed by a W&M service group (e.g. a service-learning class, student organization, or alternative break team) only one application for that project should be submitted, requesting no more than $4,000 for the group for Summer/Winter and $1,000 for Year Round. Individuals not working with a service group should submit an individual application and may request no more than $2,000 for Summer/Winter and $1,000 for Year Round.