Civic Action Plan

In August 2017, then-President Reveley signed on to Campus Compact's 30th Anniversary Statement of Presidents and Chancellors, declaring William & Mary's commitment to the public purposes of higher education, and our promise to realize those purposes more fully, by creating a Civic Action Plan. 

Director of the Office of Community Engagement, Melody Porter, convened a core team of campus and community leaders to work together to create W&M's Civic Action Plan. The mission of the Civic Action Plan is to define the systematic approach to community engagement at William & Mary. For the purposes of this plan, the team has defined community engagement as a commitment to engaging in sustained and purposeful individual and collective action that forwards community-driven positive change.

The core team worked from August 2017 to December 2018 to gain feedback from diverse folks across the Williamsburg area and on campus about how we at W&M can better fulfill our public purpose through engagement with our communities. From those meetings and other research, we developed six main goals for our work.

Our new president, Katherine Rowe, will be undertaking a strategic plan process for the university beginning in Fall 2019, and she has requested that we share the feedback we gathered in the Civic Action Plan process so that it can be integrated in that planning process. This will allow what we learned to reach those at the highest levels of administration at W&M. It also means that we will not continue to develop a discrete Civic Action Plan at this time. In the meantime, the ideas and relationships that came from the planning process will continue, and the OCE will begin implementing some of those ideas in partnership with folks across campus and in our communities. We look forward to sharing updates as we move forward.

Six Goals

Draft, August 2018

  • W&M will invigorate its commitment to serving the public good by investing significant resources and developing comprehensive accountability structures.
  • W&M will strengthen its existing commitment to healthy communities/addressing key community priorities by bringing greater coordination, resources, and assessment to our partnerships.
  • W&M will develop dynamic platforms which coordinate community-based efforts and connect stakeholders to one another.
  • W&M will provide campus stakeholders, including faculty, staff, and students, support and training for effective and ethical community engagement.
  • W&M will increase campus capacity to boldly engage with pressing, sometimes challenging, issues.
  • W&M will examine and strengthen its relationship to the Greater Williamsburg community by cultivating trust and mutual connection.  

Please contact [[mcporter, Melody Porter]] for further information about the Civic Action Plan.