William & Mary

Leadership Opportunities

Help run our student-run program!

Two Student Directors provide leadership for each Branch Out program, working closely with the Associate Director of Community Engagement to ensure that all experiences fulfill the Branch Out mission. Student Directors train and advise Site Leaders and ensure that the National, Regional and International programs run smoothly and effectively.  All Student Directors serve as part of "Trunk," the Branch Out Student Director team, meeting weekly for support and collaboration. Student Directors are selected in early April.

Site Leaders plan and lead each alternative break trip, juggling varied and exciting responsibilities ranging from managing a budget and recruiting participants, to facilitating reflection and planning issue education, to shopping for peanut butter and creating travel playlists.  They are recruited in early April.  Students may apply to have an international alternative break they have developed approved as part of Branch Out International in early April.

Watch the OCE listserv for deadlines and application information, or contact [[mcporter, Melody Porter]].