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Visit the Sensory Space


Visit the Sensory Space in Blow 314, an adaptive space for a variety of sensory needs.

Full Description

OCE has converted Blow 314 into a space for sensory regulation. This room includes a variety of features and tools that can meet a diverse set of sensory needs including various lighting and seating options, stim toys, weighted objects, noise machines and ear defenders, and neurodiversity-focused reading material. The Sensory Space in OCE is a space designed by neurodivergent students and open to anyone who needs a private adaptive space for sensory regulation.

All people have sensory needs and can experience distress when they are not met. Think of the challenge most have focusing when an alarm is going off or lights are flashing. For many neurodivergent people, public spaces, including almost all at William & Mary, are not built for their sensory needs which means they are often experiencing over or under-stimulation. This can reduce their ability to focus and engage and affects general wellness. The Sensory Space in OCE offers a private space for sensory processing and tools to help regulate.

The Sensory Space was created with funding from a W&M IDEA Grant.

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