Conference Workshops

2018 Active Citizens Conference Workshop Sessions

Workshops which educate, unite, and inspire active citizens around the skills of freedom

  • Active Citizenship 101
  • The Institutionalization of Service-Learning and the Role of Student Organizations
  • Raise Your Voice and Be Heard: How to be Effective Advocates for Policy Change
  • The Dangers of Empathy
  • Using Data and Partnerships to Improve Student Voter Engagement
  • The Cliff-Pit: Preventing the Post-Graduation Drop-Off in Civic Engagement
  • The Confederate Flag Through Time: How to Lead Democratic Dialogues
  • Reflection: A Tool to Critically Engage in Service
  • Exploring Meaning as an Active Citizen
  • The Aftermath of Mass Incarceration and the Path to Freedom
  • Close Encounters with White Supremacy: Lessons from a Fall Leadership Retreat and Proactive Steps
  • Don’t Keep Scrolling: Social Media Echo Chambers
  • An Introduction to Youth Liberation
  • Navigating Organizational Change and Power Differentials as a Student Leader
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Empowering Others with Authentic Leadership
  • The Word Workshop: Exploring the Words We Use When Talking about the Work We Do
  • How (and why) to Publish Your Engaged Scholarship
  • From Allyship to Accompliceship