About Our Office

Students volunteer with Habitat for HumanityThe mission of the Office of Community Engagement is to connect William & Mary and community to support students’ development as active and educated citizens and to promote positive, community-driven social change.

Our vision is that students will prioritize working within and understanding community in a lifelong pursuit of social justice.

Our office is located on the third floor in Blow Hall. The third floor is a hub of activity for students, faculty and community partners in which they consider a variety of ways to learn together how to respond to needs and issues as part of our broader community.

What We Do
  • Promote the development of active, educated citizen students at William & Mary, combining intellectual  rigor and community service to generate positive, community-driven social change
  • Connect community organizations with students and faculty to create mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Provide opportunities to tutor and mentor local students through our educational programs
  • Offer ongoing and one-time local service projects  for students and groups through our local community engagement programs
  • Organize regional, national, and international opportunities for immersive service and action at home through Branch Out Alternative Breaks
  • Introduce new students to diverse social issues and community-building methods  before move-in day through our 7 Generations Pre-Orientation program
  • Connect students to programs of Community Studies, including the Sharpe Community Scholars program
  • Provide grant funding for innovative community engagement projects that develop students as active citizens and to support communities in achieving their own goals
  • Engage the minds of students, community partners, faculty and staff with discussions about social issues and community topics in Community Lunches
  • Sponsor campus events and forums promoting the development of active citizens, including the annual William & Mary Active Citizens Conference