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OCE Van Policy

OCE Van Policy Overview

The Office of Community Engagement has six vans for use by faculty, staff and students who are currently affiliated with OCE programs and are available for rent to outside departments or students organizations upon approval. All resources are subject to the William & Mary Vehicle Use policy.  If you are interested in renting an OCE van, please contact [[gmstemann, Genevieve Stemann]] to discuss requirements and van availability.

Four of the OCE vans seat up to 12 passengers, including the driver. Both minivans have seven seats. OCE vans are used for department-related community engagement, such as meeting with a community partner, community engagement projects, or site visits. Driving the van for any non-OCE purpose without express permission will be a violation of the Honor Code and the W&M Vehicle Use Policy.

OCE vans may not be used to transport minors. Absolutely no smoking or alcohol use or possession is allowed in the vans. All passengers must have access to their own seatbelt, and all seatbelts must be securely fastened before the driver moves the vehicle.

Driver Eligibility and Authorization

Students must be 18 years or older to drive OCE vehicles, and 19 years or older to drive 12 passenger vans.  All (faculty, staff, and student) drivers must certified by the College of William & Mary Campus Police to be allowed to use OCE vans or to drive others in their private cars for OCE programs. Sign up for van certification through the Student Leadership Development office. Note that van certification is offered on limited dates and requires paperwork to register, so please plan ahead. The $15 charge for training will be reimbursed by Student Assembly for a certain number of students per year; signing up early will help you get that fee covered.

Faculty, staff, and students must complete and provide a Driver Authorization form to the Office of Community Engagement before using OCE vehicles.

Key Pick Up and Parking

Van keys are to be picked up and returned to Blow Memorial Hall, Room 326A within 24 hours of vehicle use, between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.  The first time you use an OCE van, please bring the appropriate Authorization Form. All vans are parked on Harrison Avenue and must be parked in its' designated spot upon return. 

Gas and Vehicle Maintenance

Taking care of the OCE vans is very important. Always throw away your trash and clean up after yourself and ensure that your passengers do the same. Before leaving the van, be sure it is parked inside the lines, doors are locked, and windows are rolled up. 

Please fill up the gas if the tank is 1/4 or less full by checking out a Voyager Fuel Card from the OCE. Gas cannot be reimbursed or paid for any other way.

Accidents and Traffic Violations

If there is ever an accident or problem, follow the instructions in the van safety packet inside the van and these procedures from the Vehicle Use Policy. First ensure that all involved receive any emergency care by calling 911, and move to a safe place. Contact OCE staff as soon as you are in a safe place and have contacted the police.

The OCE does not have collision insurance, and must pay for all van damage out of pocket. If you hit another stationary vehicle or anything else, report it immediately to OCE staff. You must also report it to the owner of the property you hit, and your insurance will be responsible for their repairs. Any driver that is at fault for damaging vans will not be approved to drive OCE vans again.

Parking tickets (on and off campus) and moving violations, including speeding tickets, are the full responsibility of the driver. The OCE cannot reimburse for any tickets the driver is given.

Things to remember:
  • Multiple students in your group should be van certified; it will make things easier and run smoother to have a back-up driver.
  • Always drop off and return keys in a timely manner so that other folks have access and we maintain integrity to our commitments with our community partners.
  • Be safe! Do not text, talk on your cell phone, speed, or be otherwise distracted while driving.