The Project on International Peace and Security

The Project on International Peace and Security (PIPS) is an undergraduate think tank designed to bridge the gap between the academic and foreign policy communities in the area of undergraduate education.

PIPS is premised on two core beliefs: (1) rigorous policy-relevant research is a valuable component of a student’s education; and (2) undergraduates, when guided by faculty and policymakers, can make meaningful contributions to national security debates — their creativity and energy are untapped resources. To this end, PIPS each year selects six research fellows (juniors and seniors) and six research interns (freshmen and sophomores). Research fellows identify an emerging international security challenge and develop original and carefully researched policy recommendations. Research interns support the work of the fellows and learn the craft of conducting policy research and writing briefs.

The briefs written by PIPS research fellows and interns form the basis of published articles and honors theses. In addition, PIPS fellows have the opportunity to present their work to policy officials and scholars at a year-end symposium in Washington, D.C. Fellows and interns also receive assistance in presenting their papers at academic and policy conferences and attaining internships.