The Project on Environment, Food, and Conflict (ENFOCO)

As of 2011, over one billion people lack access to the food necessary to live a productive and healthy life, and 65 percent of them live in just seven countries: India, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Ethiopia. All but China have been embroiled in conflict in the past decade, and war continues to rage in the DRC, Ethiopia, India and Pakistan, imposing terrible human, social, and economic costs on those societies.

The Project on Environment, Food, and Conflict (ENFOCO) leverages collaborations between physical and social scientists and policymakers to produce scholarship and analysis on issues at the intersection of the environment, food security, and conflict.

Current projects include cataloging and analyzing patterns of social conflict in Africa (, investigating the effects of conflict on the world's fisheries, and studying the political and economic barriers to ensuring adequate food supplies.