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AidData began at William & Mary as a student-faculty research project in 2003 and is now a global leader in the provision of reliable, timely, and detailed information about foreign assistance projects. Today AidData is the largest public access database on project-level development in the world, tracking more than $5.5 trillion in development aid and more than one million development projects across the globe.

Private gifts to AidData at William & Mary will support the following initiatives:

  • Aid Management Fellowships, which deploy W&M students overseas to train developing world policymakers to use data and technology to more effectively manage aid
  • Visiting AidData Research Fellowships, in which W&M hosts students and faculty from Africa, Latin America, and Asia and trains them to apply AidData tools and technologies  in their home countries
  • The Empowering Communities Project, which will equip the intended beneficiaries of aid with the information needed to hold development agencies accountable for results
  • Chinese Aid Transparency Project, which supports a groundbreaking student-faculty initiative to make Chinese aid more transparent

Make a gift to AidData at the Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations.

Please [[bcpark, contact Brad Parks]] or +1 (757) 221-2463 if you would like to discuss your gift.