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Cable TV at W&M

William & Mary's cable TV service is provided by Cox Cable.  It has recently been transitioned to a digital signal, bringing Cox high-definition programming and an expanded channel line-up for you to enjoy. 

Note: Cable is not available in One Tribe Place. OTP residents have access to Campus Contour only.

TV Compatibility

Most, but not all, TVs will work on the digital W&M Cable TV digital network.  Television sets must support Clear QAM or be ATSC compliant in order to function. QAM allows digital channels to be received to a television set without the use of a cable TV box, and QAM is included in the ATSC standards.

Most flat screen televisions made after 2007 (when the ATSC standards went into effect) will work on the W&M Cable TV digital network.  

Televisions made for an analog signal (the box televisions) will no longer function. Clear QAM Tuners can be purchased separately if your current television is not QAM/ATSC ready.  Look for the term "Clear QAM" in the product description.  

Monitors (screens without tuners) will also not work on the digital cable system.  An easy way to tell if your TV has a tuner is to look for a coax connector.  

If you need assistance, please contact the Technology Support Center (TSC).

Programming Your Television

ALL televisions will need to be re-programmed after the switch to digital.  Some televisions may do this automatically but others TVs require you to initiate it.  Just follow these steps (specifics may vary based on brand/model of TV):

  • Go to the Menu function
  • Choose  CATV or Cable
  • Choose Autoprogram (may be under a “Setup” heading)

There is a line-up of 116 channels - many in HD!  Find the channel line-up here.  Click in the network column to view channel schedules and/or home pages.

Note: Televisions using an external Clear QAM tuner will have channel numbering anomalies.  The numbers will not match our channel line-up guide. 

Stream HD Cable TV

Campus Contour is now available! Campus Contour is an app from Cox that will stream cable television to your computer, smartphones, and tablets. W&M students can access Campus Contour by going to while on the W&M campus. 


Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm