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  • Version: SPSS 27
  • Operating Systems:  Windows, Mac OS X
  • Installation on university-owned computers ONLY. Available in all public access labs and podiums, including VDI (remote access) desktops. 
  • At home use is through our Virtual Desktop environment, which is for faculty and students.
  • Installation: Contact the Technology Support Center
  • SPSS Website

SPSS stands for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. SPSS is a statistical and data management package for analysts and researchers. It provides you with a broad range of capabilities for the entire analytical process. SPSS is a full-range package that provides all levels of statistical analysis, data manipulation, graphical representation and report writing, among other features. With SPSS, you can generate decision-making information quickly using powerful statistics, understand and effectively present your results with high-quality tabular and graphical output, and share your results with others using a variety of reporting methods, including secure web publishing. Results from your data analysis enable you to make smarter decisions more quickly by uncovering key facts, patterns, and trends. SPSS is available for Windows and Mac OSX. Programs and data created and used in SPSS can be transported and used in SPSS running on other platforms, though some modifications may need to be made in programs written under one version and used under a different version.

In addition to the SPSS Statistics Base Module, we have licensed the following SPSS Premium modules: 

  • Statistics Base
  • Data Preparation
  • Bootstrapping
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Regression
  • Custom Tables
  • Missing Values
  • Categories
  • Forecasting
  • Decision Trees
  • Neural Networks
  • Direct Marketing
  • Complex Samples
  • Conjoint
  • Exact Tests

Additionally, the AMOS module is available as a separate installation after the installation of SPSS

Install Notes

Please visit the Technology Support Center for installation.

License Agreement

Unlimited site licenses for university-owned computers.  NO licenses for personal/student machines are available.