Qlik App Tracker

Find what's ready and what's coming soon!

Wondering which Qlik Apps are currently available?  Waiting for a specific Qlik App to go live?  This list will help you can keep tabs on the status of Qlik Apps as the tool is being developed.

Ready to start using Qlik?  Take the training!  Go to Cornerstone and search for Qlik Sense in the Training section. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Qlik now, as Discoverer will be retired in Fall 2019.

Qlik Training (Cornerstone) Qlik (via IT Links Website)

Get Access to Qlik

The method to obtain access to Qlik will depend on the Qlik Subject Area you intend to access.

Collapsible Table - 4 rows

For the following Qlik apps submit a Banner Admin Access request through Request IT.  

  • Budget Detail*
  • FOAPAL Heirarchies*
  • Grant Management*
  • Indexes*

For all other Finance Qlik apps email [[support]] with the subject line: Qlik Finance Access

* Access to these Qlik App’s is Fund/Org driven, if you have access to the Fund/Org within Banner you already have access in Qlik.  If you are unsure if you have the required Fund/Org access in Banner you can verify via the FINOPS tool.

Human Resources

Send an email [[support]] with the subject line: Qlik HR Access


Request Qlik access via the Registrar Request Form.


Send an email [[support]] with the subject line: Qlik Faculty Verification Access

What's Available
What's in the Works, 3 Columns, Growing list of rows
Subject Area App Name Audience
Data Governance Banner Security Banner Data Stewards
Data Governance Qlik App Security Qlik Data Stewards
Finance Budget Detail Anyone with Access to Banner Finance
Finance Finance PO Reconciliation  Facilities Management
Finance FOAPAL Hierarchy Functional Users
Finance Invoices and Checks Accounts Payable
Finance Vendor Spend Procurement Office
Human Resources Payroll Processing Payroll 
Human Resources Payroll Processing History Payroll
Human Resources Student Employment Financial Aid
Human Resources Timesheets Human Resources
Human Resources/Faculty Faculty Verification Functional Users
Information Technology Cherwell Data Stewards
Student Academic Advising Academic Advising Office
Student Class Roster Functional Users
Student Course Schedule Functional Users
Student General Student Functional Users
Student Graduation Functional Users
Student Military Ties Registrar's Office


What's In the Works

Order of Steps: 1 Development, 2 - Testing, 3 - Limited Release, 4 - Production

3 Columns, Shrinking list of rows
Subject Area App Name Status
Accounts Receivable Application of Payment Development
Accounts Receivable Student Accounts Testing
Accounts Receivable Collections and Late Fees Testing
Admissions Banner Applications Development
Admissions CRM Admissions Year over Year Testing
Admissions CRM Admissions Testing
Admissions CRM to Banner Reconciliation Development
Finance Fixed Asset Master Testing
Finance  Additional Grants Apps Development
Finance General Ledger Development
Finance Grants Billing Summary Development
Finance Outstanding Checks Development
Human Resources/Faculty Employment Information Development
Human Resources Faculty Information  Development
Human Resources Payroll Distribution Development
Strategic Reporting Enrollment Fact Book Development
Student Academic Transcript Testing
Student A&S Committees Development
Student Athletics Development
Student Cohen Career Center Testing
Student Course Management Development
Student Daily Student Status Development
Student Degree Institutions Development
Student DOSO Testing
Student Post Office Report Development
Student Residence Life Development
Student School of Business Development
Student Student Activities Development
Student Student Census Checks Development
Student Student Health Testing
Student Student System Anomalies Development
Future Qlik Apps

Additional apps slated for future release.

What's Available, 3 Columns, Growing list of rows
Subject Area App Name
Accounts Receivable

Travel Reporting


Admission Anomaly Reporting

Finance 1099 Reporting
Finance Athletics Finance
Finance Non-student Accounts Receivable
Finance Endowment
Finance Financial Reporting
Finance Grants Receivables
Finance Procurement
Finance Student Waiver
Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Human Resources Benefits/Deductions
Human Resources/Faculty Employee Leave
Human Resources New Hires and Terminations
Human Resources Positions
Strategic Reporting Admissions Fact Book
Strategic Reporting HR Fact Book
Student Blue Course Eval Prep
Student Career Center Mgmt.
Student Charles Center
Student DC Office Report
Student Degree Works
Student Enrollment Management
Student Institutional Effectiveness
Student Student Grade Reports
Student Transfer Students
Ideas & Modifications

Have an idea to improve an existing app?  Or would you like to request a modification?  Use the Qlik Apps - Idea Submission form to share your thoughts with W&M IT.