Before Migration to Office 365

All W&M faculty and staff Exchange email boxes will be migrating to Microsoft Office 365.   You will recieve a notification email about a week ahead of your migration date informing you of the upcoming move.  

Check Your Current Version of Microsoft Office

Prior to the move, older versions of Microsoft Office need to be updated.  

For PCs - Office versions older than Office 2010, Service Pack 2 would need to be updated.  Computers on the university's leasing plan (the computers that get updated every 4 years) already meet this criteria. 

For Macs - We previously thought all Macs needed to be updated to Office 2016.  However, we are finding that Office 2011 works, too, for the most part.  

There are some quirks in the Calendar function on the 2011 version of Office - particularly with permissions and shared Calendars.  However, webmail can also be used for those functions.

If an update is needed: 
Please contact the Technology Support Center ([[support]], 757-221-4357) to have your mailbox updated before the move.   

What's Next?

You will recieve another email the day of your migration with some details about what to expect during the migration.  Essentially, the mailboxes will be prepped during the day (with no disruption to you) and then cut-over to Office 365 in the evening.  The cut-over will cause a brief outage. 

After the cut-over, you will be able to access emails via the Outlook desktop client, your mobile devices, and via website.  The changes to the web interface are minor with functionality remaining very similar.   


Check-out our Office 365 FAQ site or contact the Technology Support Center at [[support]], 757-221-4357 (HELP).