Microsoft Office 365 FAQs

You've got questions and we have answers.  Below is a list of questions that we have received thus far about the Office 365.  

This list will be updated as questions come in - so check back periodically!

General Migration Questions
How should I prepare for the migration? 

There is not much that you need to do.  

If you have an client that older than 2010, Service Pack 2 for PCs or 2011 for Macs, you will need to upgrade your client.  However, almost all computers on campus already meet the criteria for Office 365 compatibility. However, if you need to upgrade, please contact Technology Support Center to upgrade. 

Note: Updates can only be made to College-owned computers and laptops.  You are responsible for updating any personally-owned machines.

What is the impact to me?
  • You will experience an email outage during the mailbox cut-over.  The outage will take place after normal business hours.  The length of the outage can range from just a few minutes to several hours.
  • You may have to reconfigure your mail app on your phone.  
  • If you experience problems with your client after the migration, you can also use the web version of email until the issue is resolved at
How long will the mailbox migrations take?  

We are migrating mailboxes by department. So for the W&M community as a whole, the mailbox migrations will take several months.  The migrations started in mid-July and will conclude sometime prior to the end of the 2017 calendar year. 

For an individual user, the migration will take one or two nights.  You will be notified in an email which night(s) your mailbox will be migrated to O365. Expect an email outage at some point during that timeframe.

Will I be notified when my migration date is?

Yes, you will be notified in an email about a week before your mailbox will be migrated to Office 365

You will also recieve another notification the day of the migration.  The mail outage (which is the system cut-over after the migration) could occur that same night or the following night.  (Allow for 48 hours.)

Will I still have email on my computer?

Yes, the client version of Outlook (the one on your computer) is not changing.  It will continue to work the same way it always has.  

However, your client version must be at least Office version 2010, Service Pack 2 (PCs) or version 2011 for Macs prior to the migration.  Versions older than that are not compatible with Office 365 and must be updated.  Almost all computers on campus meet this criteria already.

Instructions for checking your Outlook version and how to update it are found on our Before Migration page.

Will email look the same afterwards?  

The Outlook client on your computer will be the same as the current version you have.  No changes.

Email on the web (previously known as OWA, now known as webmail) will be different but it will look familiar. 

Will I lose any email in the migration?

No.  All folders, including deleted items, drafts, and Mirapoint Mail boxes will be brought over to Office 365.  However, if you try to send any emails during the migration outage (they would get pushed to your Outbox) those will be lost.  

Will Outlook clients work after the migration? 

Yes.  After the move, there will be a prompt asking you to enter your WMuserid and password.  Enter it and continue.  You may need to close and reopen the client.

If you experience any problems with your Outlook client, contact the Technology Support Center at 757-221-4357 (HELP)

What versions of the Outlook client will work with Office 365?
  • 2016 (PC and Mac)
  • 2013 (PC)
  • 2011 (Mac) - We have found some minor quirks in the Calendar function with this version of Office.  Consider upgrading to 2016. 
  • 2010, Service Pack 2 (PC) - Service Pack 1 or anything prior to that is not compatible.

If you have an older version, you must upgrade in order to access your email via the Outlook client.  Please contact Technology Support Center to upgrade prior to the migration.

Will IMAP be supported? 

IMAP will be supported, but it will need to be reconfigured with:

  • Server name:
  • Port: 993
  • Encryption method: TLS


  • Server name:
  • Port number: 587
  • Encryption method: Start TLS
Will POP be supported?

POP will not be supported at W&M with Office 365.

What about new employees?  

Email and Calendar services for new employees will start off in the previous Exchange system.  He/she will be transferred to O365 at the same time the department is migrated.  If the department has already migrated to Office 365, the new employee will be migrated at a later date. 

New employees (like all W&M employees) on the Exchange system, have access to Office 365 web apps at

Is Junk Mail handled differently in Office 365?  

Yes.  After the migration, check your Junk Mail folder regularly.  If you notice anything that is going to Junk mail that shouldn't be, contact the Technology Support Center

Are there any mailbox size limits in Office 365?  

There is a 50 GB size limit to regular mailboxes in Office 365.  

There is unlimited space in an Archive mailbox.  Contact the Technology Support Center to set-up an Archive mailbox.

Will mail online look different?

Yes.  It is a different system. Instead of using OWA, W&M will use the Office 365 Outlook Mail web application.  The mail application has the same behavior and mode of operation that you are accustomed to with OWA, however, it does have a different look.  

The mail web application on Office 365 also integrates with other various Office 365 web applications, like Groups and Skype for Business.

How will I access mail via the web after the migration? 

If your mailbox has been migrated, but the campus migration is still underway, you can access web mail the following ways:

  • Go to, sign in using your WMuserid and password, Click the Mail tile.
  • Go directly to the mail web application using this address:
  • The OWA link on myWM will also route you to the correct mail service.

How does the migration to Office 365 affect Calendars? 

On the outlook client, there are no changes. Calendars will have the same look and feel as before.  However, Calendar may take longer to open.  Some people have reported that during the initial opening of Calendar after the migration, it took several minutes to load.   

However, like web mail, there are differences with the online version of Calendar.  The behavior and mode of operation is the same, but access and appearance is different. To access the Calendar web application you can do any of the following:

During the migration, will O365 Calendars and non-O365 Calendars work together?

Yes, you will be able to see free/busy information on both systems and schedule meetings between them, as you currently do.  

However, shared calendars should be migrated together.  See next question.

What about shared calendars?

To avoid any accessibility issues during the migration, shared calendars should be migrated together.  Examples of shared calendars are:

  • Calendar to which multiple people contribute (ex. a Departmental Calendar)
  • Calendar with designated users (ex. a Dean with an Administrative Assistant)

As migrations will be done by department, shared Calendars within the same departments are not an issue.  

If you have a shared calendar with any department outside of your own, please contact the Technology Support Center to notify us.

My Calendar is slow to load.  Is there any way to speed it up?

Your initial opening of Calendar after the migration will be slow.  Expect it to take a few minutes after opening for the data to populate.  

We have received reports of Calendar slowness beyond the initial load.  If you wish to increase the speed, you can turn-on Cached mode.  This will increase speeds for loading your own Calendar, but not for viewing Calendars of other people.


On a Mac, I'm having trouble sharing my Calendar.  

Is your Mac Outlook client version 2011?  We have noticed some minor quirks in the Calendar function with this version of Office - notably with permissions and  Calendar sharing.  

You may consider upgrading to 2016, but it is not necessary to do so, as these functions can still be done via webmail.

Contact the Technology Support Center to get updated. 

Mobile Devices
What do I need to do for Office 365 Email on my phone? 

For a native email integration to your iOS or Android device, the server name will change to:

Some phones have connected to the new server automatically and some phones require that the account be deleted and re-added.  

You can also download the Microsoft Outlook - Email and Calendar app for use with Office 365.

It's not connecting.  What can I try?

Here's some things you can try that have helped in prior situations:

  • If your email account username is currently "campus\wmuserid", try switching the username to your W&M email address (
  • Try closing and reopening the mail application multiple times.
  • Delete the stored passwords on your device.
  • Delete the email account and re-add an Exchange account, using as the server configuration. We recommend that you do this only while connected to Wi-Fi to avoid cellular data charges.
Should I connect to Exchange or

Use Exchange.

Can I get Office 365 Web Applications on my mobile device?
Yes!  Many of the web applications available on Office 365 have apps available.  Find them in your iPhone App Store or Google Play store. Sign in with your W&M email address and you will be directed to the W&M authentication site.
My Samsung phone isn't getting mail.  What should I do?

We have had reported issues with some (not all) Samsung devices.  Please contact the Technology Support Center for troubleshooting assistance and possible short-term work arounds.

I have Office 2011 on my Mac.  Should I update my client? 

Initially, we thought 2011 would have to be upgraded, but have since found that it works with Office 365.  

However, we have noticed some minor quirks in the Calendar function with this version of Office - notably with permissions and  Calendar sharing.  However, these functions can still be done via webmail.

You may consider upgrading to 2016, but it is not necessary to do so. Contact the Technology Support Center to get updated. 

Will Mac Mail work?

MacMail 10.12 (Sierra) will work with Office 365.  Previous versions, 10.9 - 10.11, will allow a successful sign-in but do not load new emails.  If you must use MacMail, it needs to be 10.12 or higher. 

What options for email clients do I have on a Mac with Office 365?

It depends on the version of your Mac's operating system.  If you have: 

Mac OS 10.12 or newer - you can use OWA, Outlook from Office 2016, or MacMail
Mac OS 10.11 or older - you can use OWA or Outlook from Office 2016

If I have a new Mac, how do I get Microsoft Office 365 on my computer? 
To have the Office 365 clients installed on your computer, contact Technology Support Center. In the meantime, you can go to and use the web version of Office 365.