Current Projects & Initiatives

Banner 9

We are making the move to Banner 9! And the timing couldn't be better. Vendor support for Banner 8 Admin is being terminated at the end of 2018, which made the move to Banner 9 a necessity.  At William & Mary, Banner 8 Admin was retired in October of 2018.  Now the focus is shifting to Banner 9 Self-Service and new Banner 9 apps that will deliver new functionality to the William & Mary community. 

Building Projects

W&M Information Technology is currently involved in the construction/renovation projects of the following buildings:

  • Alumni House 
  • Dillard Sceneshop 
  • Integrated Science Center (Phase 4)
  • Kimball Theatre
  • Landrum Hall
  • Performing Arts Quarter
  • West Utilities Plant 
  • Blow IT Data Center
  • Busch Field Team Facility
Catering: America to Go

W&M IT is assisting the Office of Procurement to implement America to Go, a web-based, managed catering platform for food ordering and expense management. With this product, end-users place online orders with local caterers. The system applies William & Mary business rules while the order is being placed.

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

A new governance structure is being put in place to support existing and future CRM functionality. Discovery of how the CRM supports student experience will soon begin. As we do this, we are continuing to enhance and build Admission and Advancement functionality.


While providing continued support to admissions offices that have implemented the CRM, W&M IT’s CRM team is working with the business school to bring recruiting, application review, and communications functionality live for multiple business programs.  Undergraduate Admission is bringing the Coalition Application and the new Common App Transfer Application into production. W&M IT is defining integrations for the movement of official documents for matriculating graduate students from CRM to Banner Document Management (BDM) with implementation scheduled in early 2019.


Adoption for both the Marketing Cloud and Linvio has grown extensively.  We are presently expanding that adoption to offices outside the central Advancement organization.  Additional bio information from Advance is being integrated in order to improve and expand population segmentation capabilities.

Visit our Building Bridges website for more details about the CRM initiative at W&M.


DocuSign is bringing electronic signatures to W&M. With DocuSign, users can sign their documents securely online from anywhere with an Internet connection. The need for manual data entry will be removed because data entered in the fields on the forms will be downloaded and pulled into Banner. A limited release of the software began in 2017 (you may have encountered it on VA tax forms), and more applications are under development.

Duo - Two Factor Authentication

Duo is a two-factor authentication service that provides an additional level of security when accessing William & Mary services. Duo has been successfully employed on the GlobalProtect VPN, Banner 9 Admin, and recently on Virtual Desktops (VDI).   And it is now gearing up for more wide-spread use.  It is currently being evaluated for use with other services that could benefit from an additional layer of protection. 

Ellucian Ethos Platform

Software Systems and Data Management staff is beginning to investigate the integration and workflow functionality in the Ellucian unifying platform, Ethos. With the Ellucian Ethos workflow tool built on the platform, Ethos provides a more streamlined process to integrate data and tie systems together.  

Expanded Role for Ticket System

The Cherwell IT ticketing system has provided service management to W&M IT for seven years.  W&M IT is expanding the footprint of Cherwell by redesigning existing IT processes and developing parts of the system that have not previously been utilized at W&M.  This includes features such as an enhanced service catalog, knowledge base, change management system, and maintenance trackers. 

Qlik Reporting 

Qlik is a data discovery tool that enables users to access data from multiple sources at a speed far greater than other reporting tools used at William & Mary.  There is a concentrated effort to replace reports built in Discoverer, a reporting product that has reached end of life.  IT staff is working to build the Qlik data models and corresponding apps to replace the Discoverer reports as a top 2019 priority.

Visit our Qlik project website for more details about Qlik.

Security Training 

W&M IT has recently implemented an online security training series for all W&M faculty and staff.  The training course consists of a mix of selected modules from the SANS Securing the Human platform and an online presentation tailored specifically to a William & Mary audience.  The training began in the summer of 2018 and will run through the spring 2019 semester.  It is being distributed by W&M’s new administrative learning management system, Cornerstone, leveraging its features to deliver content and track completion rates.