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Identification System Project

The W&M Squirrel's ID Card

We are now live on the new CS Gold transaction system!  Get the details.

The Identification System Project (IDSP) replaces W&M's aging Blackboard transaction system and Identipass door access system, and consolidates them into one system - CBORD’s CS Gold.

CS Gold supports all door access and security needs as well as all vending, laundry, copy center, and dining transactions.  This streamlines processes by reducing manual entries in multiple systems. The new system also integrates with Banner to allow data sharing between the two systems.  Equipment such as door access control panels, point of sale cash registers, laundry readers, and vending machine transaction readers were replaced with modern versions. The new system also lays the foundation for additional applications, such as an online account management system, proximity chip identification cards, and smart phone apps.

Departments in Collaboration

Representatives from the the following departments meet weekly to discuss the implementation of IDSP, with consultation of other departments as necessary.

  •   Auxiliary Services
  •   Facilities Management
  •   Information Technology
  •   Police Department
  •   Residence Life
  •   VIMS