Contractor Information

Contractors must obtain an ID Card for Door Access

In conjunction with the implementation of the new CBORD access control system, contractor IDs will now be issued differently.  Current generic access cards will not be issued to a company; instead, contractor employees will be issued assigned cards.  This will associate a specific person with building access, leading to more accurate tracking and building security. 

ALL contractor employees entering W&M buildings need a personal W&M ID card for door access.

I am a contractor
  1. Find a W&M sponsor - Generally this would be a person from the department you are contracting under.
  2. Provide sponsor with your personal information - We need your full name, date of birth, home address, phone number, and personal email address.
  3. Request Access - Your sponsor will submit a request for an affiliate account via Request IT using the affiliate account form. (See "I am hiring a contractor" for details)
  4. Get your ID Card - One full business day after the request is submitted, you can pick-up your ID card in the ID Office of the Campus Center*.   You will have your picture taken and you must also bring in any cards you have used previously so they can be destroyed.
* The ID Office is located in the Campus Center, which is adjacent to Facilities Management and Trinkle Hall, at 104 Jamestown Road.  The ID Office is on the first floor and is open from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday. 

I am hiring a contractor (Sponsor)
  1. Collect personal information from contractor - You will need their full name, date of birth, home address, phone number, and personal email address.
  2. Create an Account - Use Request IT to submit a request for an affiliate account (in the Service Requests category). Include the building access that the contractor will need on the form.  This may be a list of specific buildings or a predetermined group of buildings.  For example: buildings with Pepsi vending machines.  
  3. Inform Contractor -  Inform the contractor that you have submitted the request.  They will need to wait one business day before picking-up their new card at the ID office.
Frequently Asked Questions

When does this go into effect?
The new access controls will start transitioning over to CBORD starting with residence halls during the week of March 18th.   Current generic company access cards will not work in buildings that are converted over to the new system.

Are there any exceptions?
There will be no more generic vendor/contractor access cards issued after March 18th, no exceptions.

What if an employee loses their card?
Once issued the employee is responsible for replacement costs if they lose their ID card.  There is a $23 lost card replacement fee.

When does the account expire?
The sponsor will determine the expiration date of the affiliate account, up to a year (the maximum allotted time).  However, the sponsor may submit a renewal request in Request IT to extend the expiration date.