Current Projects & Initiatives

Banner 9

The move to Banner 9 has begun!  Vendor support for the current iteration of Banner (Banner 8) is being terminated at the end of 2018, making the move to Banner 9 a necessity. The move means the user interface for Banner Admin is getting a huge upgrade, but the functionality and database will remain the same.  Banner Self-Service is not changing at this time.

Visit the Banner 9 project site for more details.

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

The College of William & Mary began implementing the system components of an enterprise-wide CRM in Fall 2015 with partners ACF Solutions, Salesforce Foundation and TargetX. The multi-year project focuses on two areas: student and advancement. The student area will focus on implementing the online application and recruitment modules for TargetX. The advancement area will center around event and marketing management and building an online alumni community and the implementation of Advancement Connect.

Visit our Building Bridges website for details about the CRM initiative at W&M.

Data-Informed Decision Making

William & Mary has a wealth of data that is currently used for ongoing operations but not being explored effectively to make strategic decisions for the future. Many of our peer institutions are using data-informed decision making to improve student retention, predict success of applicants, determine optimum tuition rates, predict adoption of academic programs, and many other key areas of interest. W&M IT is moving forward in a multi-year process of identifying appropriate tools and data platforms, gathering data from disparate sources, cleansing data to mitigate inaccuracies, and establishing data governance procedures to facilitate the use of college data for strategic decision making.

As a part of this effort, W&M purchased licenses to two data discovery tools owned by Qlik. The two programs, Qlik Sense and nPrinting, will enable W&M to gain new insight into decision-making processes. For example, Qlik Sense allows IT to make customizable apps that uses data pulled from multiple systems and data sources, bridging together data points. Charts and graphs will make it easier to understand and analyze data. Qlik nPrinting will aid in making custom reports with the new drag-and-drop tool and in addition, users will be able to schedule and deliver reports.


DocuSign is bringing electronic signatures to W&M. With DocuSign, users can sign their documents securely online from anywhere with an Internet connection. The need for manual data entry will be removed because data entered in the fields on the forms will be downloaded and pulled into Banner. A pilot program ran in 2017, and a limited release is expected later in 2018.

Expanded Role for Ticket System

IT is in the process of developing and expanding additional features in the current support ticket system, Cherwell. Additional features include a self-service portal, a knowledge base, and a service catalog.

Expansion of VPN

GlobalProtect is being implemented for the W&M community. GlobalProtect will allow access to W&M resources and services securely while off campus. The new VPN software will also use Duo two-factor authentication. 

Identity Management

To manage the needs of W&M's ever-growing population, IT has recently purchased a commercial alternative to our current homegrown identity management system. IT is now reviewing current policies and building the foundation needed to start implementation of the new system.

Migrating to the Cloud

Moving traditionally local technology services to cloud-hosted environments has been a standard course of action in W&M IT for several years now. The Business Innovation Initiative has reinforced this movement by recommending a migration of IT services to the cloud as part of a strategic initiative for the university.

School of Ed Online Ed.D Program

W&M IT is assisting the School of Education in a new online learning program, which is done in a partially synchronous distance-learning format. The video conferencing product, Zoom, is currently being used which allows for single sign-on (SSO) authentication. Blackboard is being utilized for ease of use in synchronous classes and meetings.

Windows 10 image
Windows 10

W&M IT is incorporating Windows 10 into the desktop image for faculty and staff computers and laptops. Device security, data protection, software integration, and system capability were evaluated prior to bringing Window's newest operating system onto campus. Windows 10 is now being incorporated in fac/staff computers on the Equipment Service Program, on podium and lab computers, and on Virtual Desktops.