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Mitel Connect

Managing your campus phone number on your computer

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While working off campus, or a combination of on and off campus, you still have several options for managing your campus calls and voicemails.

You can use Mitel Connect to make and receive calls at your computer - the soft phone option.

You can use Mitel Connect to set up and manage forwarding your calls to your cell phone, or you can ask us to start forwarding calls to your cell phone by emailing [[support]].

You can have your voicemails forwarded to your email as a recording - you can do that for yourself in Mitel, or ask us to allow that feature by emailing [[support]].

You can check your voicemail and update your greeting on the voicemail access, 757-221-1000. Use your 5-digit extension and voicemail password. Press 7 for mailbox options and listen to the prompts to update your voicemail greeting. If you don't know your voicemail password, you can email [[support]].

Mitel Troubleshooting

If you were using Mitel before the recent work-from-home change, and you have trouble, for example, with sound in Mitel, you might have an old server listing. To correct this:

  1. Open Connect
  2. From the login screen, click Show advanced
  3. In the Server field, enter
  4. Login with your W&M Username and password
Download & Access Connect Client
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Download & Installation

PCs on William & Mary's ESP leasing program may automatically have Connect installed on the computer. Search "Mitel" from your Windows start menu or from Spotlight in Mac, and click on the program. If it's not there, use the links below to download and install the program.

For all other computers, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the download link:  

    Download Mitel Connect - Windows
    Download Mitel Connect - Macs
  2. Login with your W&M Username and Password to download the installation file.   
  3. Save the file to your downloads folder or wherever you choose.
  4. After the file has finished downloading, double-click the file you just downloaded to start the installation.    
  5. Provide the administrative credentials of your computer as necessary. If you are not an administrator on your W&M managed computer, you will need to call the Help Desk at 757-221-4357 or email [[support]] so they can remotely connect to your computer to provide the administrative credentials.  
  6. Accept the installer defaults to finish installing the program.  
  7. PCs will ask you to reboot the computer to complete Mitel Connect installation; Macs do not require a reboot.  
Start Using Connect

To start using the program:  

  1. Click the Mitel Connect shortcut on the desktop
  2. Once installed, at the login screen, click Show advanced
  3. Then input:  
    Email or username is your W&M username  
    Password is your W&M password  
    Domain should be left blank 
    Server is  

You should be able to connect to the Mitel Connect server on or off campus, with or without the Global Protect VPN. If you encounter an error message, please contact the Technology Support Center at  [[support]]  for troubleshooting assistance.  

Calling Methods

IMPORTANT: if you use Mitel Connect to change your phone assignment to soft phone or external assignment, you will need to use Mitel Connect to move your number back to your desk phone when you are in your office. Your number can only be assigned to one of these three options at a time. If your extension is assigned to your soft phone or to an external assignment number, your office phone screen will say Anonymous.

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Desk Phone

This is the default assignment; calls can be started from Mitel software or from your physical desk phone. This works well when you are in your campus office. 

Soft phone - Turn Your Computer Into Your Office Phone 
Calls placed and received will be handled with your computer’s microphone and speaker (you could use a computer headset to make it easier to hear and be heard with the soft phone).
Connect SoftphoneAfter your extension has been activated:
  1. Open Connect (server name should be
  2. At the top of the Connect window, click your name to open your profile
  3. Select Soft phone
  4. Use the drop-down box to select a microphone

Receiving/Placing Calls

  • Incoming calls will ring directly on your laptop.
  • Outgoing calls can be dialed from the Connect app. The dialed party will see your W&M extension.

NOTE: Soft phone audio settings may also not work for you right away. Look at your audio settings by the soft phone assignment button and try the different options until you are confident you can hear and be heard by callers. If you are using the old server listing you will also not be able to hear any audio; make sure your server is  Make a test call to get comfortable with the features.  Contact [[support]] if you are unable to solve your audio issues.

You can make the soft phone your default phone assignment: go to Mitel Connect Settings, click Soft phone; you can check or uncheck the option On startup assign me to my soft phone.

External Assignment - Turn Your Home/Cell Phone Into Your Office Phone

Calls received will be forwarded to your cell/home phone. When activated, you will be prompted to add a number.

  1. Open Connect (Server name should be
  2. At the top of the Connect window, click your name to open your profile
  3. Select External Assignment Number
  4. Provide the phone number of your home or cell phone

For external assignment settings, we recommend:  

  • Number of rings = 6 (there can be a slight delay when transferring, so extra rings give it more of a chance to transfer to your cell before the call goes to voicemail)
  • Press 1 to connect  (If you don't use the "Press 1 to connect" option, forwarded calls will go to your personal cell voicemail, not your campus voicemail.)

Receiving/Placing Calls

  • When an  incoming  call is received, it will come to your cell/home landline phone. You will be prompted to press “1” before the call is connected. If you do not answer, or do not press “1”, the call will go to your W&M voicemail. You can press 1 to receive the call as soon as you answer your cell and hear the recording start; you don't have to listen to the whole recorded message.
  • To place an outgoing  call, dial the number using the Connect application. The system will first call your home/cell number, prompt you to press “1”, then dial the recipient, who will see your W&M extension on their caller ID. Your home/cell number will remain private.  
  • Even though you are using your cell phone for the active call, Mitel Connect remains aware of the call (you will see an active call "box" in your Mitel program) so you can still use call handling features like transferring the call or sending it to voicemail just as if you were using a campus desk phone.
Learn About Connect

Here's a Connect Client Quick Reference Guide (pdf) to walk you through the program.

William & Mary's Connect Client does NOT include Chat/Instant Messaging.


Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (Technology Support Center)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm