Important!  The Campus Phone System will undergo maintenance on Saturday, May 19th, from 8:00am-12:00pm (noon).  During the maintenance window, Communicator will be replaced by a new system called Connect.  Details about Connect found here.  This webpage will be updated soon!  


The campus phone system is partnered with a software package that extends the feature set of the base IP phone equipment.  Communicator is free to everyone that has phone service and a WMuserid. The key features of Communicator are:

  • Expanded Call History - view the last 1000 calls
  • Manage your customized greetings for each of your call handling modes
  • Download your voicemail to a .wav file and send it to your email
  • Configure your phone for forwarding
  • Change customized settings 
  • Customize call routing

Windows-based Communicator

Install the software after the ShoreTel Phone is activated.

Mac Communicator

A desktop client for Mac computers is available! Instructions for Installing ShoreTel Communicator for Mac after the ShoreTel phone is activated.


Online tutorials are available. 


Voicemail is accessed on all phones either by pushing the "Voicemail" button, pushing the "#" sign on the dial pad, or dialing 757-221-1000. See the Quick Reference Guide (pdf) for Voicemail operations and menu options.


Remove Outlook Integration

We've encountered a problem with integrating ShoreTel Communicator and Outlook. Outlook does not play well with ShoreTel Communicator and, unfortunately, ShoreTel automatically integrates your Outlook  account when you install it.

To uninstall Outlook Integration or to make sure it was not installed:

  1. Open Communicator.
  2. Choose Tools and Options.
  3. Choose Outlook.
  4. Uncheck Upload Personal Contacts (if checked).
  5. Check Uninstall under Voicemail (if installed).
  6. Check Uninstall under Calendar (if installed).
  7. Select OK.
  8. Restart ShoreTel Communicator.