Click here to see the current list of software and python modules installed on the SciClone cluster.

Important note changes to software installation policies:

Our previous software policy was to install all requested software in public areas so it would be available for anyone else to use it.  This has led to a number of old, defunct packages installed throughout the cluster.  Therefore, the new policy (still yet to be worked out) will encourage users to install new software in their own user directories (we will of course be willing to help with this) rather than have us do this in public space.  This policy shift will also include Python software.  We have installed so many different python packages in different python versions on different sub-clusters that it is becomming too complicated to work with.

There will be exceptions to these changes.  There will still be a core set of software that we will manage on all sub-clusters (compilers, math libraries, python distributions, widely used applications, etc.).  Furthermore, any software used by entire groups or departments can be given to us to manage.  However, we will start asking most people to "roll their own" moving forward.