Access and Accounts

Obtaining an account

W&M HPC accounts are not created automatically. If you have not yet obtained an account, or your account has expired, please submit an account request.

Logging in

Access to W&M's HPC systems is, with the exception of JupyterHub, via the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. There are eight primary login servers:

  •, servicing SciClone's Bora and Hima subclusters,
  •, servicing SciClone's Vortex subcluster,
  •, servicing SciClone's Hurricane and Whirlwind subclusters,
  •, servicing SciClone's Ice, Wind, and Hail subclusters,
  •, servicing SciClone's Rain subcluster,
  •, servicing SciClone's Meltemi subcluster,
  •, servicing all of Chesapeake (subclusters Potomac and Pamunkey), and
  •, providing access to SciClone via the JupyterHub web interface.

Generally, you must log in to the HPC systems from on-campus (at W&M or VIMS), or via a host that is on-campus (such as, accessible from off-campus with your WMuserid and password). Chesapeake is behind VIMS' (more restrictive) firewall and from W&M must also be accessed via stat. If you require direct access from off-campus hosts (without first going through stat or another on-campus host), ensure that their IP addresses are static and send their FQDNs to [[w|hpc-help]] along with an explanation of why direct access is needed.

Unless you have been directed otherwise, all access to nodes other than the ones listed above should be via the job scheduler.

Account renewal, expiration, and deletion

Most accounts have an associated expiration date which is either the end of exams or the date specified on the user's Account Request Form. An email notice will be sent to the user approximately two weeks before his/her account is set to expire. Accounts can be renewed if need be by submitting a new Account Request/Renewal Form. If an account is not renewed before the expiration date, it will be disabled automatically upon expiration.

All files belonging to expired accounts are subject to deletion after a short grace period (30-day minimum). It is the user's responsibility to preserve any necessary files by copying them elsewhere before the account expires. An account which has expired may be reactivated by submitting a new Account Request/Renewal Form, but files previously associated with the account may no longer exist if the grace period has passed.