HPC Accounts for External Collaborators

An external collaborator's W&M sponsor must first request a WMuserid for their collaborator using Request IT (see below). Once the collaborator receives their WMuserid and password, the collaborator must then use them to request an HPC account.

The affiliate account form is only to request the WMuserid. The collaborator must still fill out the HPC account request form, and HPC-specific requests, such as for access to chinook.sciclone.wm.edu, must be sent to [[w|hpc-help]].

Requesting an affiliate account:
  1. Go to Request IT.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Select "Service Request," then "Create New Request."
  4. Select "Account Changes" for "Step 1."
  5. Select "Request/Extend an Affiliate or Contractor account" for "Step 2."
  6. Fill out the WMuserid Request Form.
    • In "Section 1-User Information," for "Is this individual a contractor only needing an ID Card?" select No.
    • In "Section 4-Type of Access,"
      • enter "affiliate account for HPC access" in the comments. If the collaborator intends to use public key authentication on stat.wm.edu, add "please include a home directory on stat."
      • Select No for "Is this to extend student services?" and
      • leave "Email," "Blackboard," and "Departmental G Drive" unchecked.
  7. Select "Save Incident" at the bottom of the page.