Default Permissions on WMApps (Google) Sites

Through our testing here at W&M we found that by default everyone that is a member of the W&M Community can Edit your Site.  We recommend changing that setting to allow the W&M Community to View your site.  Follow the instructions below to adjust permissions to your website.

Adjusting default Permissions in your Site
  • Once you have created your website on WMApps Sites and are logged into it click on More Actions and choose Share this site.
  • Under Advanced permissions, notice the check box next to "Anyone at William & Mary may EDIT this site."   We recommend that EDIT is changed to  VIEW.
  • Once your site is complete and if you would like anyone to be able to view your website then check the box next to "Anyone in the world may view this site (make it public)".

View more information on Sharing Sites.


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