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Reporting from Banner

Important Note: The Qlik reporting tool is replacing Discoverer reports.  Please see the Qlik website for details.

Discoverer is used for viewing and reporting data from Banner. Discoverer has two tools and authorized users can open these tools from the links below:

Discoverer Plus is used to create reports from Banner and the Operational Data Store (ODS). With a little training, authorized users can also use this tool to create reports. All reports - created by Information Technology or individual users - can be run and shared with Discoverer Viewer.

Report data can be easily downloaded to Excel or other programs and then printed.

Note: ODS and Banner have nightly back-up maintenance outages starting at 2:00 am and 3:30 am respectively.

Request a Report

Reports can also be requested using Request IT (in the Project and Programming section).  Learn more about Project & Programming Requests.


FAQs about Banner Reporting

Why is reporting complex?

Banner is a large, integrated database system. Data resides in approximately 4,000 tables with millions of records. Pulling information from a system this large can be confusing. Unless correct parameters are defined, reports may appear accurate, but have missing or outdated records. Understanding Banner, ODS and Discoverer is essential.

What is the ODS (Operational Data Store)?

The ODS simplifies data stored in Banner, making it more easily accessible.  The ODS has only a few hundred data tables compared to Banner's 4,000.  Also, the ODS data format is more straightforward than Banner's format.

The ODS is a snapshot of Banner retaken every morning at 4:30 am. Data entered in Banner is available the next day in the ODS. Reporting from the ODS reduces the strain on the Production system allowing it to function at peak.

Views are categorized by business function: Student, Finance, Human Resources, General. Each area has related views. The Student area, for example, has views related to courses and applications.

Can a report be created for me?

Complete and submit a request via Request IT (Project and Programming Requests section)

Request forms are evaluated by the Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) Management Team.   An EIS team member will work with you to develop your report.  Creating new reports may be time consuming.  Allow 10 days for development, unless the data is urgently needed.

How do I learn to create my own reports?

If you are comfortable working with data, consider learning to run your own reports.  An EIS team member can help you set up simple reports and may offer some one-on-one training.  Request access to ODS reporting via Request IT (Banner Access Request section).

How do I connect to Discoverer from off-campus?

Discoverer can be accessed from off-campus via VPN's Remote Desktop or through the Virtual Desktop Image.


Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm