Buy a Computer for Professional Use


The Tribe Computer Store can help you purchase an Apple for your office. Apple offers discounts to faculty, staff, and students at educational institutions. For pricing and ordering details please contact the Tribe Computer Store .


Special pricing is available for W&M faculty and staff who wish to use institutional dollars or grant funds to purchase computers from Dell. To take advantage of these specially priced items, our Dell representative will need to grant you access. Please send an email to David Bailey from your William and Mary email account requesting access. Branson will reply with the access information you need to view the William and Mary recommended systems.

When you log on to the Dell website and find the system you wish to purchase, you need to click on the Cart button as if you are checking out. This will take you to a screen where you can choose to get an e-quote. This e-quote number must be included in your order in eVA (see info below) or Dell cannot build your system.

With your purchase, you will need to buy two software licenses. First, the Upgrade the  Windows 7 Operating System to Windows 7 Enterprise license, at a cost of $65.00, is needed to permit the computer to run Windows 7 Enterprise. Second, you will need Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010 at a cost of $90.00. Order the two software licenses from IT.

Instructions for using eVA to buy Dell products

(Note: if you have questions about using eVA, you may wish to contact the W&M Office of Procurement for assistance with your purchase.)

  1. Log into eVa ( and click on the Shop Now icon.
  2. Click on the 'Create' icon and then on the word Requisition.
  3. In the Add Title form enter any information pertinent to your department and click Next.
  4. In the Add Items form, click on the Create Non-Catalog Item button.
  5. Copy and paste the full item description and product code into the field labeled Full Description.
  6. In the field labeled Supplier Part Number, copy and paste just the product code from this website.
  7. In the Price field, copy and paste the product cost from this website.
  8. In the Commodity Code field, select the one that reads, Computers, notebook 20454. 
  9.  Select Dell Marketing LP as the vendor.

When complete, click OK and proceed to checkout, entering any required information about your department as required.