Shared Calendars

For Groups and Resources

Shared calendars can be a useful resource for and any group or department.  There are various types of shared calendars to choose from:

Departmental or Team Calendar

Departmental or team calendars are shared within groups.  This can be a useful tool to keep track of group events or vacation schedules.  This calendar uses a shared mailbox that is separate from the user(s) that control access.  This type of calendar can accomodate scheduling multiple calendar items at the same time (a.k.a. double-booking).

To create a departmental calendar, contact the Technology Support Center.

Resource Calendar

A resource calendar is often used for shared rooms, like classrooms or conference rooms, and for items that can be borrowed.  There is no active user account but rather a shared mailbox. Permissions to the mailbox are added through User groups and, like any other group membership, requests for changes go through the Technology Support Center. Resources can not be double-booked.

To create a resource calendar, contact the Technology Support Center.