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Table of Contents
  1. Creating your Blackboard site
  2. Adding Static Content
  3. Communication
  4. Assessment Tools: Assignments, SafeAssign, Tests, Grade Center
  5. Collaborative Tools
  6. Manage Site and Content
  7. Manage Users
Blackboard for class use
  1. Creating your Blackboard site [back to top]
    1. Create a brand new site for a course you're teaching (Updated 1/14)
    2. Create a site by combining multiple sections into one Blackboard site (Updated 1/14)
    3. Request a non-Academic course site (Updated 8/12)
    4. Create a Faculty Dossier Site for Tenure and Promotion (Updated 8/12)
  2. Adding Static Content [back to top]
    1. Organizing your content in folders
    2. Adding files and text
    3. NEW for Bb 9! Adding Audio Content
    4. NEW for Bb 9! Adding Video Content
    5. NEW for Bb 9! File Repository: Batch Upload Feature
    6. NEW for Bb9! File Repository: Making Files Available
    7. Adding course links
  3. Communication [back to top]
    1. Sending emails and adding email tool to course menu
    2. Creating announcements
  4. Assessment Tools [back to top]
    1. Assignments: Creating Assignments
    2. Assignments: How Do Students Upload their work?
    3. Assignments: Viewing and Grading Assignments online
    4. SafeAssign: Creating SafeAssignments
    5. SafeAssign: How Do Students Upload their work?
    6. SafeAssign: Checking submitted papers for originality
    7. SafeAssign: Bulk Download SafeAssignments
    8. SafeAssign: Grading SafeAssignments online
    9. SafeAssign: How do students see their grades?
    10. SafeAssign: Spot-check individual papers for plagiarism using Direct Submit
    11. Testing: Bulk Upload Questions 
      This is a great non-video explanation from CalPoly of how you can create a simple text file and upload a batch of questions easily to Bb.
    12. Testing: Exporting Tests to a New Blackboard Site
    13. Grade Center: Adding Columns and entering grades for assignments and tests not created in Blackboard
    14. Grade Center: Hiding a Grade Column from students (Updated 9/2012)
    15. Grade Center: Weighted Totals (Updated 5/2013)
  5. Collaborative Tools [back to top]
    1. Creating a blog (Updated 8/2012)
    2. Creating a journal (Updated 9/2012)
    3. Creating a Blackboard Wiki (Updated 9/2012)
  6. Manage Site and content [back to top]
    1. Archiving and exporting course sites
    2. Exporting and importing tests
    3. Unarchiving course sites & uploading files from archived sites
  7. Manage Users [back to top]
    1. Adding W&M users to your site (Updated 9/12)
    2. Adding non-W&M users to your site (Updated 9/12)
    3. Removing users from a site