Training & Guides

Banner User Guides



General Person Data (pdf)
Data Entry standards.
Data Standards Summary (pdf)
Data Standards Quick Reference.
International Characters in Banner 8 (pdf) Instructions on how to change your keyboard to US International and how to enter international characters.
Banner Duplicate Policy (pdf) Policy on duplicates in Banner and associated corrective actions to identify, remove and prevent duplicates.

Banner Admin General

Navigation Training Guide (pdf)
Handout for the online Banner Admin Navigation class.
Blackboard Course Navigation(pdf)
Instructions for opening Blackboard and taking courses.
Changing Your Password (pdf)
Instructions on changing Banner password.
Searching in Banner (pdf)
Instructions on comprehensive searching to avoid creating duplicate records.
Banner Key Strokes (pdf)
Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Reference.
Banner Naming Conventions (pdf)
Description of Banner seven-character naming structure.
Dynamic Help Query (pdf)
How to get screen, block and field level help in Banner Admin.

e-Print for Finance & HR

ePrint for Finance & HR (pdf)
Instructions for using ePrint and for accessing the Finance and HR Repositories (where reports are stored).

Banner Admin HR Forms Guide can be found on the Human Resources website.