Off-Campus Access to Banner Admin

To ensure security, off-campus access to Banner Admin and Discoverer must be channeled through our secure network environments. 

You have two options to connect with Banner Admin and Discoverer from off-campus:

Option One - Virtual Desktop

A newly available option is the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which is similar to using a PAC lab or classroom podium computer. This method is Mac-friendly and can be used on mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, along with your desktop and laptop.  It also allows you to store information in your campus network drives as well as access standard computer applications and software like Microsoft Office. 

Instructions for installing the Virtual Desktop

Option Two - VPN to Remote Desktop

Use our Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your desktop remotely.  The direct link to Banner Admin within VPN will no longer be offered, however an option for Remote Desktop will be.  Then use the Remote Desktop to access Banner Admin. 

This method works only if you have a VPN account already established and a computer on campus that is turned on.   Mac computers might also encounter problems with this method.   However, you must use this method if you plan to use TOAD in conjunction with Banner Admin, as TOAD can only be accessed via the VPN (and not through VDI) due to licensing agreements. 

Note:  This change does not affect Banner Self-Service, which will still be accessible via myWM from both on-campus and off-campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this affect how I submit my time sheet or approve time sheets?

No.  Time sheets are submitted and approved through Banner Self-Service.  Access to Banner Self-Service will not change.

I've always used the direct link to Banner Admin in VPN.  Why is that going away?
For security reasons, the direct link will be removed.  However, you can VPN to the Remote Desktop and then use the Banner Admin from your desktop.

How does this affect Discoverer reporting?
Reporting from Banner will also be disabled from off-campus unless you access the reporting tools via VDI or VPN.

What can I use instead of TOAD in VDI?
A substitute for TOAD in VDI is SQL Developer.  Instructions for setting-up SQL Developer.

I'm at VIMS.  Will this change how I access Banner Admin?
VIMS is considered on-campus.  While on the VIMS campus, you can access Banner Admin as usual.  VIMS staff and faculty can access Banner Admin from off-campus through the following options and should contact ITNS for questions:

  1. Use VDI supplied by W&M
  2. Use the VIMS VPN to access Remote Desktop.



Questions?  Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | | Jones 208, Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm