Scanning Services

For Tests and Surveys

Test Scoring

We offer a self-service scanning option for test scoring. This self-service option is for scoring tests using NCS Pearson forms that you may purchase from Information Technology. Since the self-service scanner is attached to a PC, you will save scanning results to your departmental G: drive or your H: drive.

To use the self-service OpScan Insight 4 scanner, visit Jones Hall, Room 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


We are unable to support scanning required for surveys (i.e., the creation of bubble forms, and the scanning of surveys and other non-test instruments).

If you have questions, please contact the Technology Support Center at 757-221-HELP or

Note:  The new online course evaluation system no longer requires scanning. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What equipment is available for self-service scanning of tests?

An OpScan Insight 4 Scanner is available for self-service use.

Is there a cost for self-service scanning?

There is a small charge only for the purchase of NCS Pearson forms. These forms are required and can be purchased from IT at a cost of $65/box (blue forms) and $45/box (salmon forms). Each box contains 500 forms. Please provide your Banner Index number when you request these forms.

IT previously sent me the results of my test scanning via email. Is this option still possible?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, IT will not email scanning results. The protection of confidential and personally identifiable data is the responsibility of of the William & Mary community as a whole. And in order to comply with College policy about using email for sensitive information, IT does not allow scanning results to be sent via email.

Are there instructions for operating the self-service scanning equipment?

Yes. Download the scanning instructions (pdf).